An accurate example of me playing cogs

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Female, knows a lot of fandoms, roleplays, and is an animator.

I joined three months after the game started, but my forum account is recent.


not much else to say! I'm most likely going to be using my actual game account, instead of my forum account.




In memorial of my speedstinger, Sharptooth. She um. Well. She... uh did this. And I think she died.

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Electro!! Did you eat my subject?! Again?!

Same. Legit, me playing cogs too XD That's why I prefer the other one 



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  1. Electro: (male) Shockjaw; lvl 30
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  3. Thornado(male) Thunderdrum; lvl 17
  4. Frostbite: (male) Groncicle; lv 22
  5. Zipper: (male) Zippleback; lvl 22
  6. Vypor: (male) W. Death; lvl 24
  7. Inferno: (male) M. Nightmare ; lvl 21
  8. Lavva: (female) Gronckle lvl; 16 
  9. Spark & Spew: (female) Zippleback lvl; 20 
  10. Venom: (female) W. Death; lvl 15  
  11. Sparrow: (male) Deadly Nadder; lvl 20

Bolt: (male) Speed Stinger; lvl 6

Light & Gas: (male) Zippleback; lvl 15

Shield: (male) ArmorWing; lvl 10

Rocky: (male) Gronckle; lvl 5

Smoulder: (female) M.Nightmare; lvl 6



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This sounds like me when I played it to get the achievment in my journal. I found Cogs a lot harder than Incredible Machine(I think that's what it's called).


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yeah, and I accidently bought

yeah, and I accidently bought trial membership with it XD

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I hate when I accidentally spend gems on something. Most of the time I accidentally spend gems on speeding up my crops and animals in my farm. I can't count how many times I've did that by accident and my reaction is always the same: "NOOOOO! I can't believe I just did that!" On the bright side, I guess you get to experience some membership perks for a week. 

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OTPS!!!!!! :D

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Strike Class:


Varda: Titian Woolly Howl, female(Alpha)

Askari: Triple Stryke, male

Plumaria: Triple Stryke, female

Magnum pi: Skrill, male

Hela: Titan Skrill, female

Mushu: Snow Wraith, male


Stoker Class:


Kafka: Typhoomerang, male

Maleficent: Typhoomerang, female(Kafka's mate)

Johnny Rebal: Montrurs Nightmare, male

Tara: Monstrurs Nightmare, female(Johnny Rebal's mate)

Galadreil: Fireworm Queen, female

Larry: Hobbegrunt, male

DreamFinder: Singetail, male

Pascel: Teribble Terror, male

Johana: Flame Whipper, female

Ikran: Silver Phantom, male


Boulder Class:


Mordu: Titan Wispering Death, male

Clawhauser: Gronckel, male

Lohi: Hotburple, male

Bluegrass: Snafflefang, male

CannonBall: Groncicle, male

Smokey: Eruptodon, male

Nazgul: Titan Screaming Death, male


Mystery Class:


AbbotandCostello: Hideous Zippleback, males

The A Team: Snaptrapper, males

Nalu: Deathsong, male

SweetTea: Deathsong, female

Aragorn: Armorwing, male

Patriot: Titan Flightmare, male

Eomer: Bonenapper, male

Cincinatus: Changewing, male


Tidal Class:


Sannr Vinr: Sliquifier, male

Elgar: Titan Sand Wraith, male(Kope's older brother)

Kope: Titan Sand Wraith, female(Elgar's little sister)

Seggr: Tide Glider, male

Mogwai: Thunderdrum, male

Maji: Shockjaw, male... I think

Gharial: Windwalker, male

Erza: Windwalker, female

Adaliah: Scauldron, female


Sharp Class:


Delta: Speed Stinger,female

Moana: Titan Razorwhip, female(twin to Lani)

Lani: Razorwhip, female(twin to Moana)

Pippin: Scuttleclaw, male

Figment: Titan Stormcutter, male

Imara: Stormcutter, female

Frozone: Shivertooth, male


Tracker Class:


Seamist: Titan Deadly Nadder, female(first dragon)

MacGyver: Deadly Nadder, male(Seamist's son)

Judy Hopps: Deadly Nadder, female(Seamist's daughter)

Old Yeller: Rumblehorn, male.


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