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Last night i got an advertisment that somebody logged in my account from another device..

I didnt payed too much attention to it and i tought is jut a bug/glitch...

This morning my vikings weren't there... they got deleted i think.. i don't know what to do right now.. i need help admins please.. Pm me pls...

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PM Justin Prate and Brynjolf, but they should reply to you tomorrow or the day after, since no one is working at the Weekends. They'll investigate this matter for you so don't worry!




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Okey Thx for telling :))

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i had the same thing happen

i had the same thing happen to me but my gems were gone 






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You logged in to here to post

You logged in to here to post so it seems that your account here is fine. You checked your game account so you were able to log into there as well. The very FIRST thing you should have done .. and you need to do it right now if you haven't ... is go back into your account and change your password. Don't make it something that means something to you, a pets name .. or anything else. Make it something unique and different. Not just a word .. don't use words. Use capitals, lower case and numbers. And do not ever tell it to anyone, for any reason. I would say that your password was something easy to guess and, if someone really did go into your account, you made it easy for them. If you made simple passwords for anything else, change those as well. You have to PM the Admins here or contact them through email. They will not read this and contact you.



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