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Hello dragon riders on the forms many people know me as vanguard but in school of Dragons you might know me as vanguard frost flame. I'm here to let everyone know I have a clan called terror titans that anyone can join what my clan tries to do is help newer players and hangout if any one is interested you can add me on discord where I will make a official terror titans discord server. here are my media users my discord is SlitherWinter#5694 and my school of dragons friend code is DGNMSM 

Ps the discord server is there because the school of dragons chat filter is awful so I'll be making a official server so we can actually chat 


Hello I am part of a glorious clan known as the Terror Titans 



if anyone wants to have a friendly chat or you just want a random boi to talk to here's my media outlets 


my school of dragons code is DGNMSM

and last but not least my steam user is SlitherWinter