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Okay, so on my last post, I was met with a lot of opposition, mainly to my first topic. So, I'm re-writing my post; the biggest change being that I am completely removing that section. I will also be adding more clarification to a few more things that I somehow forgot in my original post. And, henceforth, I shall not speak of the matter of Furies being members-only.


Tons of Toothlesses

As Stormy RoseDragon said, why are there now a bunch of Toothlesses in the game? Why are we getting Toothless at all? He is Hiccup's dragon... let me explain properly. At the beginning, it would have made total sense for it to be Toothless. After all, before the third movie, Toothless was supposed to be the last Night Fury. And Toothless was such a popular character; especially in the first movie. Now though, (this is mostly just my thoughts) Toothless may not be the only Night Fury. There could easily be more Night Furies in the Hidden World; we don't know. I feel that saying more Night Furies were found in the Hidden World would still sound better than having hundreds of Toothlesses around. So I guess we could get an unnamed Night Fury; it would be cool to have a regular Night Fury without an injured tail. It could just be named 'Night Fury', and always be black.


Toothless's Tail

Okay, so something that I find kinda annoying/weird is Toothless's red tail in the game. The red tail is attached to his tail as if that's the natural tail. Where is the equipment that goes with it in order to control the tail? In my opinion, it just looks weird. Plus I think that that red tail is kinda getting old... especially now that he has his new black tail in the third movie. So if we still get Toothless and not an unnamed Night Fury, then I think we should be able to choose to change the tail. You could pick the classic red tail, or his new black one from the third movie, or any of the other tails that appear in Race to the Edge. It would be even cooler if different tails gave different effects. Perhaps, if you did get an unnamed Night Fury, you could choose to make the tail like Toothless's tail, if you wanted to make it more like the original Toothless.


A Fairly Old Model

I have noticed that Toothless's model isn't... that great. His wings kind of morph through eachother when folded, and overall, his in-game design isn't very detailed. Many of the points in this section were brought up by chopin2014. It's been quite noticable that the Light Fury's model is more detailed than Toothless's model. The Light Fury seems have a smoother/more realistic model and animation. One thing I have noticed (not sure if this has changed since the last time I used Toothless) is that Toothless's mouth seems to be smoking at the sides. What's with that?! lol (Actually, the Light Fury does the same thing.) The Light Fury's model is way closer to the movie than Toothless's. The way she walks, sleeps, and folds her wings are way smoother and overall more realistic than Toothless. I think that Toothless needs to be updated to match this, at least somewhat. His animations seem to be a bit... I'm not sure what the right word for it is. Choppy? I'm not entirely sure how to describe it. I've also noticed that some dragons share Toothless's model/animations/sounds. I've always wondered why they did that. Okay, I know the Sand Wraith was initially called the Sand Fury, and it's supposed to somewhat resemble a Night Fury, but now that the Light Fury is out, maybe it's time to change that. Leave the models of these other dragons alone (okay, feel free to fix the wings lol), and give Toothless a completely new model. Make his animations similar to the Light Fury's. I initially was going to say give him the same model as the Light Fury, but he doesn't actually look the same. "You know what, just trace your Toothless card and make it white." LOL


What About the NightLights?

Another extremely popular topic (since the third movie came out) has been NightLights. Why don't we have NightLights yet? I think these should definately be added to the game. I'm not entirely sure how they should come in, though. I don't think that they should be available through the same method as Toothless and the Light Fury. And should they be kept as babies, or should you be able to grow them up? I think that it would be better if you could have adult NightLights; that would be more fun than if they were always just babies. I mean, there's not really anything that you could do with them if they were just babies. Even though they're super cute as babies, I think they'd look better as adults, especially as we haven't seen adult NightLights yet. I'd say probably you should be able to customize colors (but not make it straight black or white), but it would always be named 'NightLight'. Honestly, I don't have as many ideas for this as some of the other topics I've covered here.


Where's the Light Fury Armor?

We have two Night Fury-themed outfits- so why not a Light Fury-themed outfit? MericcupNightFury did an amazing sketch of a Light Fury armor design (see here: http://forum.schoolofdragons.com/content/light-fury-armor), and it kinda made me want a Light Fury set even more (I honestly didn't think that was possible lol). We definately need a Light Fury armor set!


*phew* That's it for my Fury ideas. I think this re-write has turned out much better than the original. Thank you for reading :D


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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

Sort of adding onto my note on the other thread of some people saying that it would be cool if one of the nightlights was an expansion dragon. 

Maybe to help with the issue of making sure the membership dragons remain the best dragons to lure in sales the nightlight from the expansion might have some unknown thing wrong with it or something that causes it to be slower.

Now, I feel like getting the dragon permanently would actually cause a problem if we acquired it as a baby at all. The lightfury is not likely to be a dragon that gives up its young sometimes like the d.eathsong. So what if it was a young adult who just left the parents and one of the side quests is the team realizing that this specific nightlight just isn't doing well as an independent dragon. Toothless and the Lightfury might even nudge Hiccup and friends to check out the baby because it should be adult dragoning by now but it's barely flying (you will need to help it learn to fly as if it were a shortwing).

This would lead to a very natural reasoning for why this likely runt would need to be taken in by a Viking and again, you could have a story reason to nerf the stats to keep the lightfury and Toothless desirable.



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There's been several people who have said that there could be more NFs but canonically that's not the case. Dean Deblois, writer/director for the HTTYD movies, has stated that Toothless is the last NF, therefore canonically there are no more NFs. Now, I'm not saying that people shouldn't have headcanons that there are more NFs, pretend their Sand Wraiths are NFs,(I have a Sand Wraith/ NF hybrid and a Woolly Howl/ NF hyrbrid in game), write fanfiction with more NFs, ect. If they want to do that, that's their choice. Imagination shouldn't be limited. However, the fact that Dean Deblois has stated that Toothless is the last NF means that SoD will stick to that and not make random NFs available. However, I do agree that letting people have more tails for Toothless would help customize him a bit more and may help less people be annoyed by the fact that he is a membership benefit.


Speaking of membership benefit, I read the other thread and would like to explain why membership exclusive dragons are a thing(not trying to pick a fight or anything, just explaining :))

Having membership exclusive dragons, especially ones as popular as Toothless and the LF is a business strategy. It ensures that people will continue to buy membership to have access to those dragons. Having them available as a one time purchase would lose money for the game in the long run. People continually paying for a membership means more money for the game.


I'd love to see Nightlights available for both members and nonmembers and I'd love to see LF armor.


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Pretty much what they said in

Pretty much what they said in regards to the membership ^^^^^ 


i’d love to see the night lights in game but I don’t know if SOD even is allowed to put them in game. I’d be happy to even see them as NPCS, which I feel they will most likely do. 


Light fury armor would be awesome though



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Aight here’s my theory....

I think they'd probably do an even like this Dreadfall event, earn rewards to get items. We eventually got the Skrillknapper, and I'm assuming theyre doing the same for the Dreadstinger or making that an expansion dragon of some sort. But they could easily do that for the Night Lights. I really don't know what they would do about the states, and colours tho. 

They do have Light Fury armour now, but they're abtained through events and rewards only, and they also got rid of the Night Fury armour unfortunately. 


I would of loved to use those tails that were in game on toothless instead of a wall decoration, but maybe in the future as they more expierenced in coding to customze the tails. 

Personally, I don't like the Light Fury's model, at least not the walk cycle.... have you see her trot from the front view it looks creepy.... tho wing/flying animation I do like. I rather enjoy Toothless's animation cause he does still fly like a raven or bat, but yes still stiff. So an update on that would be fantastic. Especially for his diving animation, I think I've only see parrots (barely) and geese (for sure) dive with their folded wings pretty much flat out on their sides XD 


What else... Yeah that pretty much sums it up, HPowers took the cake on the membership explanation, so no need to repeat that. But add on, that business tactic works greatly, cause I constantly buy memberships over and over again soley for Toothless... and somewhat the Light Fury cause her stats are jacked up like crazy. She would win against a Night fury with an experienced rider who doesn't have fast cloths on.... At least that's what I figured in my racing times since her release. 


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They could nerf the stats for the Nightlights and make them have the Skrill's or Woolly Howl's stats. As for the colors, Nightlightlover, a newer forum member, recently posted an idea that would be a good one if it worked properly. They suggested a coloring censor similar to the naming censor. If you tried to color them all black or all white then a message would pop up telling you that you're not allowed to do that and you need to pick different colors. Like I said, it's a good idea if it would work properly, we see how the naming censor works.

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True, chances are they'd just lock their colours though... but maybe not, idk we'll see happens in the future

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Wiggles the whispering d.eath ate my subject

They wouldn't need a message. Have you ever tried to make a whispering d.eath white or a smitten hobbgobbler black? They could just do what was done with those dragons for different parts of the body.

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That's true. I had completely forgotten about that. XD

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Hey! Thanks for mentioning my

Hey! Thanks for mentioning my post. :)  And I absolutely agree with you on basically all of your points.  Sadly, on your point about how people shouldn't be able to use Toothless, that is a tactic to earn money from membership cause kids want to be able to play with Toothless, so I doubt that will be changed.  However, we definitely need some Night Lights up in here.  And they shouldn't be membership only.  Maybe as part of an expansion, but at least give people who can't get memberhips a chance. Though I think we should be able to pick between the three in the movie and name them ourselves. :D