About creating a new viking in the same account

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Hi guys, i started to play SoD in 2016 but i left the game in 2017 (i think), but I decided to come back to the game now and I have some questions about buying a new slot to create a new viking.


The amount of coins and gems you spend (or earn) in the game is per viking? Or all the vikings share the same amount of coins and gems of the account?


If i earn 50 gems by the weekly award with only 1 viking, then if I have a second viking can I earn 100 gems by the weekly reward? (if I log in both of the vikings profiles)




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Gems are shared between all your vikings on an account. Coins however are separate. Each viking has their own.



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^^ Yes, any gems you earn


Yes, any gems you earn will go to both of your vikings but they do not double with daily rewards or anything. You also need to get them seperate gear and dragons as they do not share items either.


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At last your vikings also share the expansions. If you got one for your account before you can play it again for free with your new viking.