3D Modeled Gronckle Requests!

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Hello Everyone! Sorry if I hadn't been making requests on dragons that I was planning on doing, but like I said in my last requesting art thread: I have many things to do and my Spore is crashing on me and it won't let me save any new creations! Though when I made my Gronckle I had no issues at all when creating a Gronckle!





You can request as many Gronckle you have!


Here is the example template:

The ears are a little too big, but I think it made my creation look a little cute. But I tried my best, and I love the color options that Spore had!


Name: MineralGronkle


Skin: Purple

Pattern: Aqua Blue

Detail: White


Here you go! This is my Gronckle, MineralGronckle!

I'll PM you once I am finished with your Gronckle! And I hope you will all enjoy them!

Sorry but I don't have a fly mode because I can't make hovering dragons that will stay still, they would need an animation for their flying which most of my other Dragons have an up and down flying mode and not a hovering bug mode.

Also I have a special gift which anyone can take but please give credit to me:

You should be familar with the Deadly Nadder, I've always want to have an Ice Crystal Nadder Skin which is the only Dragon Skin that I don't have in SoD. And I was like "Maybe I should make a Ice Crystal Nadder with an amazing pattern!" But I also want to make not just a Ice Crystal Skin for the Deadly Nadder, but for all Dragons that I'll be making.

Check out my other requests if you want to request on other Dragons that you have:



Hope you will enjoy them!! :D



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Not making a request.

I'm not here to request anything since I really don't care for my Gronckle at all, but...


Oh wow! You're really good with Spore Creature Creator, they look amazing!

So cool~




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Gumbo and lovebug

Blue and a slightly lighter blue (gumbo)  pink and a slightly darker pink(lovebug). 

Hello my name is Keiran Dragonheart, this is Leirazva my Skrill soulmateand you have entered the domain of my Motley Dragon Clutch.  We have grown in numbers this past year but our mission is the same.  Rescue, heal and protect dragons from harm. We thank you for your interest and welcome you to visit our growing family in the picture below. 
I'm pretty tired this week so I'm taking a day or two to rest.  I'll work on Beauties in a few days. Life is pretty chaotic right now.  One of our dogs is still sick and we're not sure what will happen with him. I'm pushing myself hard to help out and it's tiring. Sleep is as I can get it. Hopefully I'll get a good night's rest soon and get some of my oomph back. Thoughts and prayers are welcome.  Thank you. 
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These look AMAZING I think

These look AMAZING I think gronkles are a little under appreciated I think that i would like to request one for my cute gronkle RockBlast.


                                                     Name: Rock Blast

                                                Skin: blueish green

                                          Pattern: Black

                                        Detail: same as skin color.


                                You did a fantastic job on Blue Knight.Thank You so much.Your art work is amazing.


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             My beloved thunderdrum Shockwave            by:mingee545 Thank You so much!                                             




                                                        Meet Dark Mist she is a Nocturn Breather.http://i59.tinypic.com/1z5505u.jpg credits to: Flyleaf Homes. Thank You so much!

this is how she found Shadow and me.
One night when i was getting ready to go to bed, I heard something, it was a clatter than a large roar i knew that that was the sound of Shadow my skrill, But than i heard another roar much different from Shadow's roar. A little yet deadly roar so i quickly ran outside to Shadow but Shadow wasn't in his stable. I knew that there were a few caves near by. When i was running to the most closest cave I saw a dimmening glow that was not of any dragon I have ever seen. I said to myself " what did Shadow get himself into this time" I ran into the cave finding a marvelous dragon looking Shadow strait in the eyes. I moved slowly to the dragon who seemed very threated but a I have delt with aggressive dragons before but foregot everything about how to calm them down.So with out thinking I took won of Shadows favorite toysand played with the dragon. A few minuets later The dragon calmed down. When i noticed that it was really late and that it was time to head home we said bye to the dragon and started heading home, but when we were almost to my house I heard foot steps and turned around fining that the dragon was following us. So I said that it was alright if the dragon could walk us home.When we were almost home there was a wild aggressive whispering death that had woken up and came strait to attack Dark Mist when dark mist let out this deadly mist looking fog and scared away the whispering death. So I siad I will call you Dark Mist she was very pleased at the name and started heading home. When we arrived home i noticed that Dark Mist didnt want to leave us so i said that it would alright if Dark Mist could stay with us plus Shadow really liked to play with her.



Gender: male

Personality:He loves to play in the snow.He is loyal.He has a strange habit of flying of and bringing big ice cubes to my house.                                                                                          

                                          credits to:StellaMontague

Thank You so much!



                                     credit to:Thunder and Lightning Thank You so much!

                        Ok so one day when I went out to go get the fish to feed Shadow the fish were gone.I noticed a trail of fish and followed them into a cave in a near by mountain.I heard a low growl then a munching sound.When i walked into the cave I saw an amazing dragon, The Crystal Dragon. It was very low in temper but protected the fish.i let him sniff me he was fine with me hanging out with him but not any other dragon in the cave. when I realized that Shadow was still waiting for his food I said bye to the beautiful dragon and ran to my house and grabbed my fishing rod and ran to the closest lake found some bait and started fishing.When i was waiting for a few minuets i heard a sound i looked behind me and found the Crystal Dragon comming to help me fish.We ended up with three baskets full of fish.when I was heading home the dragon helped me with the baskets and we bonded some how.I fed Shadow and everything was good Shadow and Sky turned out to be best of friends and so Sky seemed to have a great time with us so I kept him and named him Sky he loves the name.And so that is the story of how i met Sky.

meet Sky the Crystal Dragon.

This dragon is extremely smart, but can also be very curious. He is kind and loving, and very protective of his tamer. Sky absolutely loves to play hide and seek, but has a habit of trying to trying to steal fish from the other dragons. Most of the time he is caught in the act however.this is Sky my Sky Master Dragon.

credits to:Pheonix Pyre

Thank You so much!


                                                    Terra the Galaxy Fury


Name: Terra (means Earth in Potuguese)



Persanality:Very energetic,loves to go out and explore,she is shy,and she loves to meet new dragon

Credits to:Fleetwing

Thank You so much!



Meet Misty my Storm Fury.




So about Misty. The first that she's charming, cheerful and always funny creature. As I said Misty loves winter and she can spend hours tumbling in the snow. A special attraction for her is to run up and take a ride on her tummy on the frozen lake or a river. She loves icicles and plays with them like Toothless in HTTYD2. Misty is very strong and hardy dragon.She will always help you.

Credits to: Defy

Thank You so much!



Dragon's name:Tealdo


Personality:Sneaky and Sly and almost un trainable

What trick will you train our terrible terror to do: multiple fire blasts and a speed twist

How does this trick help you in combat:the multiple fire blast help to weaken the person or thing and the speed twist is to dodge fire, spears nets,ect.

Short story on how you,your dragon (current) ,and Terrible Terror rescued Hiccup from Alvin: One early morning i took Shadow and Tealdo for a small flight around Berk when I noticed a ship with a strange simbol on it with a black tail hanging of the side of the ship I told Shadow to go closer so I could get a better look at the ship.When we got closer I noticed that the tail was toothless's so I signaled Tealdo to go see what was going on he gave out a small squeak and came back he looked very in distressed and wanted us to folow him.when we got closer I saw that it was Alvin's ship and toothless had a mussel on his mouth and was tied to something and Hiccup was tied up to a pole.So I formed a plan to rescue toothless and Hiccup Tealdo would go and distract Alvin with his fireblasts and when Alvin went to strike him down he did his little speed twist while Tealdo was distacting Alvin Shadow went to get toothless and I un tied Hiccup we fled back to berk and I called Tealdo to me. He was so happy that he even did a little victory dance and we went on with our lives.

Credits to: snowflake12298

Thank You so much!

Name: Flamecatcher


Personality:He is best friends with Tealdo.He is sly,sneaky,and quiet.He makes a perfect match with Tealdo when it comes to scare or steal from my other dragons.

Credits to: Basrolo

Thank You so much!

 Name: Shatter


Gender: Male


This Hotburple breaks almost everything it touches, but he can mend and sad feeling and broken hearts.

Credits to :Nessie

Thank You so much!





Personality:Loves to play in the sand, He makes piles of sand and jumps in it like a leaf pile but made of sand,He loves the sun and sun bathing.

Backstory:(optional but reqired for rare):One beutiful morning I was walking on the beach enjoying the day when I was walking around a big rock I saw a blue figure was playing in the sand.I went closer to get a better veiw.When I was about to step closer the rock that I was holding on to fell and hit another the fall had scared the blue fiquere and it vanished into a cave  near by. So of course I still wanted to see what it was so I crept into the cave,it was very dark and a bit damp all I could see was splotches of daylight coming threw the cave's holes.when I reached near the end there was a small growl and roar it was comming from the end of the cave.I walked to it and I finnaly realized hat it was a sand wraith with sand for a bed and sand pretty much every where.When the sand wrath was creeping closehat very dayr snd closer it was almost like it was going to eat me or something but when it was really close it started to circle me but was watching me at the same time when it atleast circled me for one to two minuets it stoped and pushed me really hard I was about to be hit by a rock that wasnt stable and fell right were I was standing at,he saved my life and I felt a bond since that very moment he came up to me and liked my arm and sat down.I couldnt believe it he saved me and I was in his territory.I stood up and looke at him for a very long time until it was nearly an hour passed.I knew that I had to get home but something kept me there I just had to bring him home but he looked comfertable were he was so I turned around and walked out when I reached the rock the sand wraith was right behind me I guess he wanted to know were I was going so he folowed me all the way home when we got there I said that he could go but he stayed.I said that if he was going to stay he has to have a name.So I thought of Hasani because I found him near the ocean so I named him Hasani which means ocean in latin.and he has stayd with me ever since.

Credits to:toothlessnightfury 

Thank You so much!



Name: Sigmund

Species: Smothering Smokebreath 

Gender: Male

                                   Personality: He loves to play with my new shiny silver saddle and he is very playful.

                                                                                          Credits to: Nessie 

                                                                                         Thankyou so much!


<br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="http://oi61.tinypic.com/k97zb5.jpg" href="http://oi61.tinypic.com/k97zb5.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Dragon's Name: Taj

Gender: Male

Personality:Energetic,playful,and he loves to go an explore islands and caves. 

 Credits to: Inthetardis & autum 5467   

Thank You guys so much!                                                                                


<br/><a  data-cke-saved-href="http://oi60.tinypic.com/dmpvv8.jpg" href="http://oi60.tinypic.com/dmpvv8.jpg" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Name: Ocean Blue (was a name of my really old betta)


Personality:He pretends to eat my hand when I feed him.

Credits to:Inthetardis

Thank You so much!


Dragon name: Techno

Gender: Male

Personality:He loves exploring and trying new things,he tests different tunes. He thinks he is the "man of the house" but my skrill teaches him that he isn't.He is prideful and thins he can do everything.He learned that the hard way when he thought he was an ice dragon and almost froze to death.He has a sence of humor by pulling pranks on my skrill.

Credits to:Stiger23

Thank You so much!


Name: Woodern

Species: Rumblehorn

Gender: Male

Personality: Loves to play in the woods and is an expert at hide and seek but not as good as a changwing. 

Credits to :Nessie

Thank You so much!




Name: Baltha

Species: Shockjaw

Gender: Female

Personality:Baltha is an intelligent dragon.She loves to to find new species of dragons.She is a caring and lovable and fun dragon.She loves new people and dragons.

Credits to:Nessie

Thank You so much!





Personality:He is energetic and loves to just stare up at the stars at night.He became friends emedientally wih me thunderdrum.They like to pull pranks on the changewings near house.He loves to meet new dragons.

Credits to: Krazykira24

Thank You so much!



Name: Sunmark

Species: Sand Wraith

Gender: Male

Personality:He loves to just hang out side laying on the beach and in the sun.He loves anything realated to the sun so basically he loves warmth and light.He is a fun energetic dragon who has just a fun and happy life although nothing is that simple he makes things seem very easy to do.

Credits to:Nessie

Thank You so much!






Credits to:Colress

Thank You!


Name:Ice Storm


Personality: Ice Storm is a very smart , persistent ,and creative dragon.She dislikes warmth and heat.But she loves her cold cave which is in a mountain that is covered with ice.Ice Storm is a gentle and kind dragon but she is a dragon who wants respect.I named her Ice Storm  for a reason she can make massive ice storms using her magic her ice storms contains hail sleet and snow that are moving at fast speeds.Ice Storm and I have made a very good relationship she is a marvelous creature and protector.

          Credits to:DuskDayBreak     

Thank You So much!





Personality: Adventurous, bold, silly, and optimistic

Likes: Being the leader and exploring

Dislikes: Being told what to do and staying at home

Credits to:Autumn5467

Thank You so much!

Name: Modra ( means blue in Slovenian which is where I am from )


Personality:Shy,Loyal,Unique,Different, Loves to play in the morning when the dew is still on the ground.

Credits to: Cereballum

Thank You So much!


Blue thunder

Description: Blue Thunder is a skrill who loves to race.

Credits to: zero the ruthless

Thank You so much!


Silver Light

Description: Silver Light acts as a sentry a dragon that constantly follows Golden fury and tries to bring justice to his victims and put a stop to his rampages.

Credits to: zero the ruthless

Thank You so much!

                                                                        My OC'S

                  My Nightmare Blue Knight made by:BeaReptileLove

My  gronkle rockblast also made by:BeaReptileLove               Thank You so much!

Thank You so much!






                         Crystalized My OC

Made by Me

Crystalized credits to:ImortalViking

Thank You so much!


  Crystalized credits to: puppyllover                                                                                                                                                                     Thankyou so much!



Crystalized credits to: Skyler Smile

Thankyou so much!



Credits to: TwistedClaw

Thank You!


Credits to:Scobius

Thank You!


Crystalized made by : Me


Made by : The Ecliptic Eight

Thank You so much !


                                My Custom




This is Booklet my Nerd Fury Custom. Credits to:Candyblast  Thankyou Candyblast!







Dark Claw


Made by me.





Made by me.