3 Ways To Get Back Into SoD (If you're not intrested in it anymore)

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​                                  1: Watch some SoD YouTubers! I know there isn't many good ones (just my personal opinion). But I find after watching people play, I feel like logging on more!



​                                2: Write a story on paper/online. Then, act it out in the game- It can be fun!



​                               3: If you have Instagram, or any social media channel, why not create a awesome SoD video, or snap a cool screenshot?




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Image result for bored gif -sigh-

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I'm a.....

....relatively new player, but I can see how this makes sense.  I guess there isn't too much to do once you level up and do all the quests, huh?




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see the problem is not that we are bored. its that the game has progressed too much and left us behind. You know the Clan Valor? They used to be in the top five but now... they are less than 60. Its almost sad. I used to love racing, but then they added checkpoints, which are the worst things in the world, and they nerfed all the dragons speeds. Now no matter how much I practice, I can never e v e r beat a night fury. Its impossible- they have impossible acceleration, turning, pitch, and of course as always are the fastest. This isn't fair. Besides, I sound old as I say this, but they removed a lot of cool glitches. Those were the g o o d    o l d    d a y s .


I'm only still playing because my clan, which used to be in the 30's fell to the 60s cuz we all grew up and got busier. I am the only active one.












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None of these things would make the game more interesting, imo. New content, now that'd be nice. That being said, I don't think a game like SoD is interesting enough for say, create social media stuff other than IM groups for. 


What I do so I won't get bored is just play another game until SoD gets an update, play the enw content, then go back to whatever I was playing before that. |D


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i understand that sod is a game originally geared towards kids, but


to be frank.. it is boring.

all the dragons/titans are easy to get, gems are fairly easy to get, as are coins. heck, even the new quests b o r e me. on the rare occassion that i do log in it's for battles.


i wouldn't mind if they cranked up the difficulty, for starters. anything else, like pvp or somesuch, is probably too advanced for the sod team to code.