2017- looking back at your achievements

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I probably put this in the wrong section XD


As you all know, it's New Years Eve! (or at least, it is

where I live XD). This year was filled with ups and 

downs, making it one of the craziest years EVER.

I've always told myself that i'd probably be dead by

the time 2017 ends, but, here I am XD.


I want to know YOUR achievements! What have you 

achieved this year? Have you reached your

goals? What are your 2018 goals?


Happy New Year, Vikings! And may your

next year be filled with cheerfulness!!



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This year has definitely had some noteworthy events in my life. Between traveling out of the country, for the first time, to minister to people in Belize, finding what I'd like to do with my life after high school, developing more friendships (both online and offline), and changing my perspective on both situations and people alike, I can say for certain this year has been a big change for me. 

Now I can end the year by celebrating my birthday today!
Happy New Year, everyone!


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Oh hey

Sorry this is pretty unrelated

But I took a look at your sig

Happy birthday 




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Electro!! Did you eat my subject?! Again?!


Congratulations! It sounds like this year was a wonderful year

for you! I hope next year will be even better than


Happy birthday!! 

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Oi, has 2017 been crazy. 2017 was a lot better than 2016,though, thank goodness.

2017 brought a lot of improvements to everything I do: I made vast improvements in my art, became a much better writer, and learned how to play some fairly hard songs. It's also brought good things other than hobbies; I got to meet my best online friend in person over the summer, I got rid of whatever weird and mild depression thing I used to get, and, with a bunch of help from everyone on the SoD forums, I now have more confidence in myself and other people.

Along with the good, there's always bad, but I've chosen to look at 2017 and think, "Wow, now that's the year my life started getting better!" and I hope the year was good to all of you guys! ^0^

Happy New Year and may 2018 be the best you've ever had!


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Being friends with Dragon (AKA, jada) has been a real treat. She's a very understanding person, an amazing artist, and has written one of my favorite stories.



taught me that anyone can have friends.

Thunder was one of my first real friends to ever have. Even though we're both awkward, our friendship still lives.



​taught me that the smart ones always win.

I've known Charly as long as Dragon, but I didn't really get to know her until the past year and a half. She's a book-worm and will make grammar jokes with me whenever.



taught me that brownies are more than just tasty.

The couple of years I've known Jess have flown past so quickly, I don't know what hit me. He's super funny and loves Undertale and Minecraft.



taught me that some of the funniest jokes are the lamest.

Once upon a time, Numb and I were constantly mad at each other and always at each other's throats. That all changed a little while after our worst fight, and now we throw bananas and tell bad jokes with each other.



taught me a level of patience I never knew.

Master's a cool dude, however depressed he may be. I can't help but to call him a friend.



taught me that sometimes randomness brings great things, like friends.

Fury's an amazing person. For some reason, she answered my random message and now we chat about Nintendo, Frank Sinatra, and Paul McCartney. 



helped me become more social.

Grim's my newest friend, but she's also one of my best. She's a sweet, funny person and can always bring a smile to my face. Plus I loaf her art.



showed me hope.

Boomy was bored, I was lonely. What better way to make a friend? He's like a salted-caramel chocolate bar-- sweet, but salty-- and has made lots of days brighter.



I love them all more than I love pecan pie on Thanksgiving, and there's

nothing I wouldn't do just to know that they're happy.

It be da truth!


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But sometimes you fall.

But you try to smile anyway. It's your job.

Then you see your friends, and that weight called sorrow is lifted and you don't have to try...

It comes naturally.

I love you guys. <3



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