2 missing gem stable quest

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they must have gone when dreadful started. im talking about the sack of gems that u would get in the top-middle stable quest and also the same reward amount of the toothless one that was in the top-left. im guessing that was done to prevent players getting better amount of gems and make them buy more.

will these two gem stable rewards be brought back.


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I don't think I remember a gem stable quest on the top left slot. The only gem quest from that slot I know of is Lab Assistant and it recommends stoker class dragons, with earning a helmet-full of gems.

I think you meant Long Night Flight that's actually in the bottom middle slot (Toothless exclusive), which I'll have to debunk because 6/7 of my Vikings currently have their Toothlesses doing that quest. It hasn't disappeared, it's just that there's a 1 out of 5 chance to get that quest after every replacement.


Which one do you mean by the Top Middle? Loki's Maze or Long Patrol? Those are the only two in that slot that offer a sack-full of gems.




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You are right

I think we will have to wait after Snoggletog or something like that to get them back. The only available gem mission right now is long night flight. Also I've heard we will get construction zone back.


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