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Okay,I have 2 ideas:


It would be cool to have a "talk to your dragon" option!I mean,to click on the dragon and talk to him.Then if you say to him/her "Rest" he'll rest,like to sit or sleep.Or you can share your feelings to him/her and the dragon to react to your feelings! If you're sad, the dragon will try to make you feel better!


To make the ThunderDrum and the WhisperingDeath free dragons,to have more players in the game and you get enough money by the buying of the gems (especially when tournament started).Think abou it,you'll make a thousands of millions players happy!


These were my ideas,I hpe someone of the admins will see them!


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Free isnt the word i would

Free isnt the word i would use when i think about thunderdrum and whispering death, although i would cash in on some gems if they was availible to get in the shop someway



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