1/2/14 - Gameplay Optimization on Mobile App

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Players have reported that the mobile app for School of Dragons crashes on several occasions. Here are a few tips to better optimize your gameplay:


  1. Close all the background apps on your iPad

For iOS 7 operating systems, double press the “Home” button to bring up your multitask switcher. Once you found the app you would like to close, simply use your fingers to swipe up on the screen to close it.


In iOS 6, double tap the “Home” button to show the app bar. Tap and hold onto the app on the screen to enable to jiggle mode. Once you found the app you would like to close, tap the “No Entry” button in the corner of the app’s icon to close it.


  1. Check your internet connection

Although the School of Dragons mobile app is functional by using your cellular connection, you can improve the performance of your game by connecting to high speed Wi-Fi.


For more information on how to optimize your gameplay, access the Player Optimization page on your iPads here: http://www.schoolofdragons.com/how-to-train-your-dragon/player-optimization.

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Thanks, Siren, this is very helpful for when I crash.


It's honestly been so long . . . lol, well, I guess I've returned from a long break. I have two dragons: A skrill and a Deadly Nadder. 


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Still can't play


  I have emailed you regarding my issue with game previously, but got no response, Bryan replied asking for my info, but then nothing. ITS BEEN 8/10 months since I've been able to play. 

  I have tried these tips, and still no game. Please.....a little help please?

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Changing your angle?

Is it possible to change the angle/view of my screen so I can look at my viking from the front?


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