1.19 Update has arrived to campus with TITANS and more!

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Long list.

That is one very long list of things.


The "age up" tickets are part of the expansions, you don't have to use them, Just make sure your dragon is level 5 if you want to ride it, or level 10 if you want it to fly. Collect titan runes from stable missions if you want it to be a titan., but of course if you don't feel like leveling your dragons to the specified level , you can always use gems to skip the leveling. That applies to both members and non-members.


Next, titan training. All dragons will be able to titan at some point, the only ones that can titan right now are the basic 4 dragons (Nightmares, Zipplebacks, Nadders, and Gronckles) please stay tuned for when they announce the next dragons that will be able to titan level

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Give It Back

I was actually really excited about the new update, because I had enough gems to make the Broad-Wing to Titan Age Up Ticket. I went ahead and purchased it, and then...NOTHING HAPPENED. I just sat there like a dork waiting for it to load, and when it did load, it showed just a blue screen with only the broad wing, and it didn't show that awesome level-up process. I would like my 500 gems back, please. The game snitched on me, so I want my gems back to try again.


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 It only works for Monstrous Nightmare, Nadder, Gronckle and Zippleback on level 20+ for now.

  If it still doesn't work, go to Titan Island and click on the dragon symbol.

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Tracking lols

Seriously. Finding the runes are hard in the Stable Quests. Why not add missions with Hiccup and the others too to find the runes. Plus I can't afford buying gems and I'm not even a member or someone who is filty stinkin rich xD


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I am hoping for titan scauldron, and skrill, i got them both at level 20 I CANT WAIT TO SEE HOW COOL THEY LOOK!!! I already got my mounstrous and my nadder, and my razorwhip

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shockjaw and snowwraith.

I am hoping for the shockjaw or snow wraith to be next.




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Air slasher(razorwhip) - Call of the death song expansion

Danger(deathsong )- Call of the deathsong expansion

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