1.19 Update has arrived to campus with TITANS and more!

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Error: Brain Is NOT Here...

500 gems really isn't anything to scoff at in my opinion, but if you want it to have more challenge you can collect 50 titan runes in order to level them to titan. In my opinion they did it in a pretty good manner. They made it kind of pricey but seemingly not super expensive for the 'richer' players, but they also have a challenging way of leveling them up on the side. I find it pretty well balanced.

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Collecting the runes is a

Collecting the runes is a good idea, as it actually requires you to put forth some effort when it comes to achieving Titan Wing stage. You can get 500 gems through battling in no time though... I guess what I'm saying is, is that Titan Wings are supposed to be special, but instead they're going to become the norm rather than the exception. Then again, I also think a lot of the really great dragons are underpriced, like Thunderdrums and Screaming Deaths etc. Everything is just so easy to acquire. Nothing is special. It's boooooring.


On a more positive note, I like how some dragons can actually fly in a straight upwards line now. :D So satisfying

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Making too hard

would be boring too viceversa. Not everyone is a rich as others you have to know that. I can't buy a membership because i'm one of those no so rich people. or buy gems. So i do offers and get 15,000 gems just from completeing offers.


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Something that would be nice...

I know it's probably just wishful thinking, but it would be nice for those who don't have access to a credit card or whatever for the devs to introduce the option of being able to buy memberships with gems. I know I'd invest in that, ever since my membership ran out, I've kinda missed having access to Toothless; more so I miss having access to that bottom right Stable Quest box; it had such great rewards. Especially if they end up intorucing the option of giving him a Titan Wing form, I'd love to have access to all those benifits again without having to depend on the kindness of others, regardless of how much I appreciate it, it'd be nice to feel like less of a nuisance, despite being told I'm not...@_@


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Lol, 500 gems isn't "rich."

Lol, 500 gems isn't "rich." Did you read my post? I said you can get 500 gems through battling in no time. You don't need to buy a membership to get a Titan Wing. That's what I'm saying. Collecting runes may be boring, but at least it would cost us one iota of effort in order to get a Titan Wing. Personally I think they should only be able to go Titan at lvl 100 or something. It would make more sense than to collect a bunch of random runes like you're trying to get Pikachu to evolve to Raichu by using a Thunderstone or something. Not to mention it would give people a reason to come back to the game... the reason this game has gotten so boring for me is because everything can be achieved in no time. Every dragon you could possibly want, you can get from a gold box. Oh, and you want to make it Titan? Just pay 500 gems! I'm just saying it's way too easy. There is no sense of accomplishment. But to each his own I guess.

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Really the runes don't take

Really the runes don't take any effort either, they just take time. It would probably be better to require 1 titan rune and level 50, that way it's reasonably challenging but not so impossible that you get bored and leave while working on it. P.s. I have been gone from the game for a long time but came back for the titan update, what do you mean by "battling for gems?"

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Love the new update! Titan

Love the new update! Titan Gronckles are amazing! Can't wait for more dragons to get titan stage! 


Thank you for fixing that New Farming quest bug! My journal was overrun by them! I still have two bugs on one of my vikings: 

1. The Case of the Purloined Boots (where a nadder steals boots) is stuck at the "Follow the tracks in the wilderness" part. No matter how many times I try to finish it, it won't register as complete and return to the same spot the next time I reload. 

2. Dragons don't stay in their stables. I had this problem before on another Viking where every time I login I have to move them back in before making them active. 


I created a new viking because of these bugs but part of me wants to make that viking my main viking again. 

Username: Kaylawolff91 and Viking: Undyne. I also have the flight suit glitch but I don't want that fixed. 

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So Happy! Much Squee!!.. c:

Ohh my gawwd FINALLY!!..I've been so hyped for this, checking the forums constantly for when this update was going to happen I can't wait to check out all the new things!!..^^ Finally, my beloved Gryph and Angelus will be Titans!!...Though while I did hear you could pay for the upgrade, I think I'll try going about earning it myself; I think it would be more fun that way. Also I hear alot of people are experiencing trouble finding the stable quests that reward the runes; please DO NOT tell me that it's a mission only exclusive to that box for members or I am NOT going to be pleased.
If someone is able to clarify that you can get the runes from non-member based stable quests, that would be nice. Also can't wait to see what other Dragons will get Titan upgrades next. I just wanna thank the SOD team SO MUCH for this update we've all been waiting for, I'm sure I won't be dissapointed. If I run into any problems I'll be sure to mention them but until then...*Explodes into a cloud of confetti*

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They should be for non-members!

No need to panic, ManaArkaina! You should be able to earn Titan Runes through Stable Quests! However, they may be covered up by any quests currently presented to you and you may need to keep searching before you find the one that will give you the challenge you're looking for. We hope you enjoy the update!

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Thank goodness!..^^

Thank you so much for clarifying this, Brynjolf; I can't wait to start collecting runes for my dragons!..^^

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Party! *<:)

*hugs all the admins and developers* THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You guys rock! :D







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right to titan

You can go from a baby level 1 dragon right to titan if you want





Enough with the SPAM

for oh for, dragon not found.




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Awesome stuff, went ahead and

Awesome stuff, went ahead and paid for my original Nightmare to become a titan. My only suggestion is to maybe make the Titan Rune stable quest(s) more frequent, or give them their own slot that unlocks once you have a dragon at level 20 or something.


Other than that, just lookin' forward to more new titans and quests, specifically can't wait for the crystal/blade-like spikes of the Whispering Death titan.

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Thank you so much for the update SoD team!!! :D

EDIT: Fixed my problem :P


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Double post :P

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So let me get this straight..

So let me see if I have this straight; for those who actually want to work for the pretty new stage, I need my dragon to be level 20 AND have 50 runes to get my dragon to Titan stage after doing the Hiccup/Fishlegs quest..? If I have this order wrong please do correct me, I want to make sure I have the order of process correct before I start going after the new stage blind and confused...^^'

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Dragon champion

With the latest update comes the fix :)



Dragon champion :)

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Titan nadder looks best so far.

But you know what'd be awesome? A Titan wing Sand wraith. Especially since I wanted to get one. They look really cool.

I actually wouldn't care for Titan Skrill, because, at least in my eyes, they're the perfect dragon as they are.

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Titan nadder looks best so far.

But you know what'd be awesome? A Titan wing Sand wraith. Especially since I wanted to get one. They look really cool.

I actually wouldn't care for Titan Skrill, because, at least in my eyes, they're the perfect dragon as they are.

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Gillecomgain Dr...
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Titan nadder looks best so far.

But you know what'd be awesome? A Titan wing Sand wraith. Especially since I wanted to get one. They look really cool.

I actually wouldn't care for Titan Skrill, because, at least in my eyes, they're the perfect dragon as they are.

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Beautiful Soundtrack

The soundtrack on Titan Island is beautiful, Brynjolf!


Just one question, though, why do my dragons now drop like a stone when I try to do glider Flight Club lessons? I can't complete any of these gliding lessons now.


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Winterwind Artwork

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Abominable: male Titan Wing Snow Wraith

Icebones (in-game name Stormblaze): male Skrill

Galewing: female Titan Wing Skrill

Slashtail: male Triple Stryke


Boulder Class

Icevein: male Groncicle (2nd main dragon)

Hoarfrost: male Groncicle (Icevein's father)

Permafrost: female Groncicle (Icevein's mother)

Crystal (in-game name Krystal): female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Snowblast: male Groncicle (Icevein's brother)

Firn: female Groncicle (Icevein's sister)

Coldnip: male Groncicle (Frozen Groncicle stand-in)

Stonemaw: male Gronckle

Fireball: female Titan Wing Gronckle

Ironmaid (in-game name Honormaid): female Hotburple

Boulderdash: male Catastrophic Quaken

Redwolf: male Grapple Grounder

Meteorblast: male Eruptodon

Sawblade (in-game name Sawfang): male Whispering Death

Bramble: female Titan Wing Whispering Death

Furious: male Screaming Death

Merciless: female Titan Wing Screaming Death

Gemtooth: female Snafflefang

Charity: female Shovelhelm

Stonefist: male Thunderpede


Stoker Class

Sparrow: female Terrible Terror (3rd main dragon)

Van (in-game name Slurg): male Titan Wing Terrible Terror

Legacy: female Silver Phantom

Eclipse: female Night Terror

Brightsoul: male Singetail

Scout: female Flame Whipper

Firegale: female Monstrous Nightmare

Ridgeback: male Titan Wing Monstrous Nightmare

Lionheart: male Moldruffle

Sunheart: female Fireworm Queen

Cyclone: male Typhoomerang

Fireflight: female Hobblegrunt (Threadtail stand-in)


Sharp Class

Frostclaws: male Shivertooth (main racing dragon)

Solstice: female Shivertooth (2nd main racing dragon)

Thistle: female Prickleboggle (main battle dragon; tiny Prickleboggle stand-in)

Oakthorn (in-game name Oakclaw): male Timberjack

Fleetsteps: male Speed Stinger

Spitfire: male Scuttleclaw

Jadeheart: female Titan Wing Scuttleclaw

Silvershard: female Razorwhip

Swiftslice: male Titan Wing Razorwhip

Windrider: female Stormcutter

Owleyes: male Titan Wing Stormcutter

Rainshed: female Raincutter

Shadowhunter: male Devilish Dervish


Tracker Class

Brightclaw: female Deadly Nadder (starter dragon)

Horntail: male Titan Wing Deadly Nadder

Echo: female Mudraker

Bullheart: male Rumblehorn


Tidal Class

Splashwing: female Sliquifier

Seacry: female Thunderdrum

Darkbreather: male Titan Wing Thunderdrum

Fjord: male Sand Wraith

Shorewind: female Titan Wing Sand Wraith

Sparky: male Shockjaw

Wavedancer: female Tide Glider

Riptide: male Scauldron

Freyasfang: female Windwalker


Mystery Class

Professor: male Flightmare (main Halloween dragon)

Starshine: female Titan Wing Flightmare

Sneak, Snip, Snap & Trap: male Snaptrapper (Leafy Snaptrapper stand-in)

Scourge: female Boneknapper

Wishbone: male Titan Wing Boneknapper

Nightingale: female Sithersong

Doomfang: male Death Song

Evermore: male Tiny Tooth Death Song

Bandit: male Armorwing

Flower: female Changewing

Double & Trouble: female Hideous Zippleback

Short & Snout: male Titan Wing Hideous Zippleback

Honey: female Sweet Death

Fortitude: male Buffalord

Mistwalker: female Smothering Smokebreath



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The Wolf and the Howl: The Mysterious Chicken Caper

The Wolf and the Howl: Terror Loose on Dreadfall


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Doomfang by themasterplan47


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The song is called Where's

The song is called Where's Hiccup? from the first movie :) And yeah it is beautiful and fits pretty well.




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Thunder Storm - Whoolly Howl

Azurite - Scauldron

Zircon - Groncicle

Alexandrite - Changewing

Fossil - Boneknapper

Luna - Flightmare

Steel - Armorwing

Eyris - Razorwhip

Dusk - Sand Wraith

Minuet - Death Song

Orchid - Slithersong

Sawtooth - Devilish Dervish

Hydrangea - Tide Glider

Marigold - Hotburple

Lava – Monstrous Nightmare 

Swamp - Mudraker

Riptide - Thunderdrum

Cinder - Singetail

Earthquake - Eruptodon

Glacier - Snow Wraith

Medli - Wind Walker

Plumeria - Flame Whipper


* Anchor pixel by : DriftwoodBones

* Shell Divider by : seafoamies

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It's that Choir

It is "Where's Hiccup?", but the choir part is slightly altered, making it even better! I think I like it more than the original track.

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I love it. :D

It's beautiful music there... I think Titan island is my favorite island, and the music is one of the reasons. :D

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Thank you!

I'd also like to thank you for fixing the bug in my Hideout, which appears to have been corrected this week. I can place items now! I've gone ahead and bought more stuff for it now that I can edit it. I don't know whether this is from you responding to me or from the update, but either way, thank you so much!

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Thank you sooooooooo much for

Thank you sooooooooo much for this! Gemwing looks amazing!


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Gotta say I Love the new

Gotta say I Love the new update. Hopefuly I can get Galaxy to be a titan soon!


My only complaint is the new font sizes. While I do like the increased font sizes in some areas the decreased font size is very hard to see for me. Not to mention it looks fuzzy and some of the increased text size looks messy compaired to its backgrounds (like the gold / gem display) because it does not fit into its box.


Other than that the update is awesome! Love the new maps as well.

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Error: Brain Is NOT Here...

Is anyone else unable to access the game via the browser version? As I haven't basically all day and it's starting to get on my nerves.. Mostly because of my curiousity for the update! I also need to update my downloaded version... ehck.

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I Have

I was able to access it through the browser, but I wasn't able to earlier today. Maybe it's been fixed now?

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Icee Glacier
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Error: Brain Is NOT Here...

Nope, it's still not working for me. Perhaps it's my browser? Or Windows 10? I have no idea, but it's kinda irratating me as I'm dieing to get back in and check out the new updaaaaaaaaaaate...

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I'm using Firefox on Windows 10. Is that what you're using?

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Icee Glacier
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Error: Brain Is NOT Here...

I'm using Internet Explorer on Windows 10. For me, IE runs pretty smoothly (much more smoothly than google) but I don't even have firefox in my little selection.. area.. thing. Maybe that's it.. I'll try this new 'microsoft edge' browser but I don't particularly like it. I'll see if that works.

Edit: Oh right, I forgot. That browser doesn't even allow me to play the game on it...


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Just gunna mention this here too...

Soooo....New map options are awesome, it's great you can select all the islands now at the click of a button; ALL the islands....Except for Dragons Edge!..@_@ uhh guys..? I wanna go to my house!..*Headesk* Any chance you think you could move the page turning option or perhaps make it smaller so we can still select the island it's covering; it's location makes selecting it very...inconvenient, or more like downright impossible the way things currently stand... ._.

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It's not OVER dragon's edge,

It's not OVER dragon's edge, if you click dragon's edge it will take you to the other half of the map, including outpost island- where your house is located. Hope this helps.

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DESERT! Give me back my subject!

*Squeals* I'm so gonna age up Scarlet now! She deserves it xD


THanks SO much admins, this is a great thing to come back to!!!!




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I can't get into the game! I

I can't get into the game! I can't make a password recovery because you need to fix my email, i did cooperzilla81@yahoo.net but it was fake, I want to change it to cooperzilla81@hotmail.com so I can see the update.

Admins! please fix my game!



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Spiky & Sparks - Male Hidous Zippleback

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Thank you!

This update is the best I have seen! We love it, everything from the titans to the new layouts. Plus Shadow and I love to fly straight up into the clouds!



(no editing. This is amazing!)

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Icee Glacier
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Error: Brain Is NOT Here...

Eek, while it looks amazing it also looks like you'll topple off any second! xD

I think I now know the purpose of the seat-like defenders saddles..

Joking aside, the new pitch rates/other stuff in-game are amazing! However I have noticed we go alot slower than before.. I haven't noticed any differences in speed when switching to faster dragons and this slower flight speed may get on my nerves a bit. But then again if the speed is the same on every dragon then I won't have too much of a problem (as Odin's speed isn't the highest.. but if you ask him to go in circles he's a pro at doing that xD)

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Glitches Galore

I have a newly hatched Rumblehorn, and for whatever reason, she can't fly too well in the Flight Club. She doesn't jump or glide on demand even though her happiness is maxed out. She is having trouble jumping and gliding when I tell her to and when he does glide, she sinks very fast. I think the Glide Courses or gliding in general are bugged. :S


Also, can I have my Dragon Eye Lens yet? I wanna finish those Death Song Island quests...


My Dragons

Freefall - Male - Deadly Nadder

Deadeye - Male - Whispering Death

Wind Scar - Male - Typhoomerang

Hurricane - Male - Stormcutter

Rampage - Male - Rumblehorn

Cannon - Male - Gronkle

Chaos Blitz - Male - Skrill

Tidal Wave - Female - Scaldron

Mystic Dream - Female - Flightmare

Illusion Burst - Male - Changewing

Virtue and Vice - Male - Hideous Zippleback

Demoros - Male - Snafflefang

Angel Orchid - Female - Fireworm Queen

Volcanic Eruption - Male - Monsterous Nightmare

Sea Rider - Female - Tide Glider

Misako - Female - Sand Wraith

Fey - Female - Hobblegrunt

Glacious - Male - Wooly Howl

Frostbite - Male - Groncicle

Slither  - Male - Grapple Grounder

Inferno - Male - Moldruffle

Diablo - Male - Devilish Dervish

Renko - Female - Sliquifier

Ironside - Male - Razorwhip

Kinzoku - Female - Razorwhip

Nacht - Male - Whispering Death

Skull - Male - Boneknapper

Abbadon - Male - Grapple Grounder

Tarot - Male - Moldruffle

Purity - Female - Flightmare

Grim - Male - Boneknapper

Peach - Female - Deadly Nadder

Kotori - Female - Smothering Smokebreath

Gemini - Male - Hideous Zippleback

Raptor - Male - Speed Stinger

Vex - Male - Whispering Death

Asgard - Male - Screaming Death

Anchor - Male- Thunderdrum

Soren - Male - Timberjack

Venus - Female - Snaptrapper

Zentazo - Male - Raincutter

Echo - Female - Thunderdrum

Blue Blaze - Male - Monsterous Nightmare

Sage - Female - Grapple Grounder

Geo - Male - Gronkle

Amaya - Female - Grapple Grounder

Omen - Male - Screaming Death

Lockjaw - Male - Gronkle

Hiroshi - Male - Prickleboggle

Jade - Female - Speed Stinger

Sejiro - Male - Snafflefang

Kipper - Male - Mudraker

Twilight - Female - Slithersong

Sonicboom - Male - Thunderdrum

Bubbles - Female - Mudraker

Tremor - Male - Quaken

Sherbet - Female - Deadly Nadder

Brynhildr - Female - Monsterous Nightmare

Blizzard - Male - Shivertooth

Dahrr - Male - Sweet Death

Auraelus - Female - Stormcutter

Apricot - Female - Scuttleclaw

Razorback - Male - Deadly Nadder

Lazy Bones - Male - Hotburple

Cosmin - Male - Shockjaw

Xavatos - Male - Screaming Death

Delta - Female - Speed Stinger

Elisa - Female - Snow Wraith

Excalibur - Male - Armorwing

Sunset - Female - Death Song

Forest Fire - Male - Monsterous Nightmare

Zephyr - Male - Wooly Howl

Taijas - Male - Shovelhelm

Sunrise- Female - Death Song

Valentina - Female - Fireworm Queen

Samson - Male - Thunderpede

Topaz - Female - Deadly Nadder

Shadow - Female - Night Terror

Slowpoke - Male - Hotburple

Freeze - Male - Groncicle

Menagerie - Female - Moldruffle

Wolverine - Male - Armorwing

Yuki - Female - Wooly Howl

Iceburg - Male - Groncicle

Hiraku - Female - Armorwing

Mayhem - Female - Rumblehorn

Ossa - Female - Boneknapper

Honey - Female - Sweet Death

Sea Jewel - Female - Scaldron

Mizu - Female - Sliquifier

Nami - Female - Scaldron

Kivara - Female - Shockjaw

Cloud - Male - Monsterous Nightmare

Toothy - Male - Devilish Dervish

Vahrae - Female - Snafflefang

Solace - Male - Singetail

Rhyo - Male - Eruptodon

Starfire - Female - Typhoomerang

Sekova - Female - Raincutter

Riot - Male - Rumblehorn

Cirrus - Male - Windwalker

Polar - Male - Shivertooth

Python - Male - Grapple Grounder

Ebba - Female - Thunderdrum

Daisy - Female - Hotburple

Void - Male - Night Terror

Kelp - Male - Sliquifier

Skye - Female - Death Song

Akeno - Male - Raincutter

Sotoka - Female - Smothering Smokebreath

Amethyst - Female - Sand Wraith

Chicory - Female - Scuttleclaw

Lucifer - Male - Screaming Death

Lemon and Lime - Male - Hideous Zippleback

Grypp - Male - Shovelhelm

Stardust - Female - Timberjack

Mirage - Female - Changewing

Avalanche - Male - Shivertooth

Orca - Female - Scauldron

Kinnara - Female - Flightmare

Sunray - Female - Typhoomerang

Ember - Female - Terrible Terror

Bandit - Male - Changewing

Victoria - Female - Fireworm Queen

Sophie - Female - Prickleboggle

Paprika - Female - Scuttleclaw

Barnabas - Male - Boneknapper

Tariq - Male - Boneknapper

Stratos - Male - Windwalker

Surtr - Male - Typhoomerang

Kikina - Female - Hobblegrunt

Midnight - Male - Deathsong

Nightshade - Male - Deathsong

Bastion - Male - Buffolord

Xiphos - Male - Razorwhip

Chiyu - Female - Prickleboggle

Raziel - Male - Snafflefang

Shinpi - Female - Flightmare

Havoc - Male - Rumblehorn

Wendigo - Male - Snow Wraith

Kilauea - Female - Typhoomerang

Boreas - Male - Wooly Howl

Chione - Female - Wooly Howl

Claymore - Male - Razorwhip

Iyashi - Male - Prickleboggle

Caribbean - Male - Sliquifer

Krakatoa - Male - Moldruffle

Whiplash - Male - Hobblegrunt

Eira - Female - Shivertooth

Crush - Male - Quaken

Gexxy - Female - Flame Whipper

Alpine - Male - Wooly Howl

Akai Yoake - Female - Deathsong

Shamrock - Male - Deadly Nadder

Venom - Male - Grapple Grounder

Jamaica - Female - Sliquifer

Thar - Male - Sand Wraith

Hyrrokin - Male - Smothering Smokebreath

Jawbreaker - Male - Sweet Death

Sinbad - Male - Raincutter

Sora - Male - Stormcutter

Sparky - Male - Shockjaw

Scortch - Male - Typhoomerang

Tambora - Female - Moldruffle

Mercy - Female - Prickleboggle

Nozomi - Female - Raincutter

Okiku - Female - Boneknapper

Splash - Female - Tide Glider

Crisis - Female - Rumblehorn

Boomjolt - Male - Skrill

Aquaria - Female - Tide Glider

Shibo - Male - Boneknapper

Surge - Male - Skrill

Yasashi - Male - Prickleboggle

Miko - Female - Prickleboggle

Kiri - Female - Smothering Smokebreath

Mayon - Male - Moldruffle

Bijou - Female - Prickleboggle

Candy - Female - Sweet Death

Toru - Male - Tide Glider

Taal - Male - Moldruffle

Aruba - Female - Sliquifier

Kyushu - Female - Typhoomerang

Jingu - Female - Fireworm Queen

Rakurai - Male - Skrill

Bayou - Male - Mudraker

Kaspar - Male - Tide Glider

Budzo - Male - Flame Whipper

Uloe - Female - Skrill

Amatheia - Female - Tide Glider

Ishtar - Female - Stormcutter

Zale - Male - Scauldron

Sachiel - Male - Tide Glider

Esmerelda - Female - Fireworm Queen

Shroud - Male - Smothering Smokebreath

Mamba - Male - Grapple Grounder

Zatoichi - Female - Razorwhip

Tianyang - Male - Typhoomerang

Calamity - Male - Rumblehorn

Solanna - Female - Fireworm Queen

Theodora - Female - Fireworm Queen

Delfina - Female - Tide Glider

Merapi - Female - Moldruffle

Daybreak - Female - Stormcutter

Keone - Male - Prickleboggle

Mauna Kea - Female - Typhoomerang

Scorpio - Male - Triple Stryke

Sasori - Female - Triple Stryke

Galia - Female - Tide Glider

Orage - Male - Skrill

Tsuki - Female - Hobblegrunt

Bane - Male - Triple Stryke

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I think the method of getting

I think the method of getting rune stones is an amazing idea! It's really difficult to get all fifty, so people have to be choosy about what dragons they want to titan up. Makes it more special.

And when I get all those runes, I can't wait to see Valka! That'd be a reward in itself. The island is beautiful, the music is really cool, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the new dragon sounds and fireballs. I'm glad it's on mobil now!


Will the titan dragons be updated dragon-by-dragon, or in groups like the first couple? 


Going to update this eventually,

in the meantime, you can also find me on: 




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I am loving you admins so much right now, TIME FOR THE CLASH OF THE TITANS




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Thunderdrake De...
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Pietercat is NOT enjoying this.


I can't get past the new loading screen you guys put in, the one before the Character Select screen.

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  Thank you sooo much! 

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Will the rest...

of the dragons get titan wing too.

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Sweet! I love the little tweaks as well. The new world map looks promising and I love the new login screen as well.


Thanks for fixing those annoying stable bugs, by the way. Most of the stable quests seem to be working now, but my game still fails to load the UI or anything after /some/ quests. I'll note the names of the quests down next time.

Edit: One one the quests is 'Kicking the Bucket'.

Edit 2: 'Helping the Hatchery' also doesn't work yet.


Oh, by the way. I spent 500 gems on a Titan Stone in the store, but I cannot use it. It's nowhere to be seen. I think others have this issue as well. Could this maybe be looked into/reimbursed somehow? I'd love to get my gems back and get another Titan by spending the gems on the island.



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No words

Than you thank you thank you

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Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For this awsome update!


I'm still on the lookout for those stable missions that award Titan Runes but this update makes me feel really glad I took the time to level every single one of my 50+ dragons to level 20 since I'll only need to farm runes!


But all these little updates, from the world map, redesign of the option menu, the fix for the UDT achievements (are all of them really fixed?), the fix to claiming our stable quests, everything is amazing but the one that I loved was:


The updated physics on the pitch stat, with this update our dragon's weight and gravity itself show in the form of losing momentum the higher the pitch angle we try to fly even if we keep pressing the spacebar but we still get a good boost when we dive, although bigger dragons like the Scauldron seem to now have a harder time climb up or diving in the air, giving it a lot more realism to all dragons flight.


Now if we use our momentum better in Thunder Run since if we try to pull up on an obstacle, we will lose speed and the only way to avoid this seems to be to pull slightly up multiple times during a stretch so that we can go up and keep our momentum, I actually win some races to Snow wraiths by large distance thanks to this mechanic.


On a downside, this mechanic made the Gliding four last levels of Flight Club extremely hard to complete, since now when pull up we decrease our speed making our dragon come to a full stop and just sink into the ground or the sea, since we can't use the spacebar to at least sustain straight line flight. I' currently training a Snow Wraith on the Gliding Lessons and I had to use a speed boost to reach the finish line of the Sixth Lesson, where after traveling the up's and downs of the initial sea stacks, we have to make a huge glide to the finish line, because with out it, my dragon will only be able to get to the midway before sinking and being teleported to the starting line.


I fear you guys will either have to allows us to use our space bars so that we can at least sustain our line of flight while pulling up (of course we can't recover that line if we let our self's drop to much) or you'll have to adjust the height of the sea stacks on the Glide Lessons.


Alternatively, maybe you guys could introduce the concept of raising air currents, that way we would have to maneuver our dragons to those currents so that we could get enough altitude to make the glide to where we need to go.


Either way, Thank you for your hard work!


Welcome to my Siggy!!!

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I'm from Portugal and it's been a while since I wrote anything in English):


Hello I'm Meta4, Zinax in game,
I'm no kid anymore but I became a huge fan of HTTYD when I least
expected to and SoD became quite a passion for me when I came across it.
I'm kind of shy and don't have much confidence in my self to start a conversation,
But for those who are willing to try me out, you'll find a respect full and loyal friend,
who will always help you out to the best of his ability.
See you around! :)
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This update was amasing but

This update was amazing but my password need to be fixed because I can't make a password recovery. I can't wait to see this if this fixed.

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Alpha Night Fury

If you're bringing Titan Wings into the Game, Toothless should be made Titan wing over and above the other dragons. Also, I would very much like to see cutomization with the Night Fury. There's already a plethora of Toothless flying around, What's the big deal? Please have Other Night Furies in the game. I don't care about the logistics, I'd like to raise my own Nightfury from an egg and have her any collor I want. And of course, she has to have both parts to her tail. Isn't that why many of us are playing this game? To see Toothless finally find his own kind?  If you're going to have titan wings, then All the dragons should be titan wings... hhm I remember Astrid saying something similar to Hiccup in the series, not the same context of course but I digress. And one more problem I want to point out, is it just because I don't have a membership or is there no more free agge ups any more? I know the game is F2P but I can't pay for Everything. Earning free ageups on my merits alone was my one consolation for not being able to buy all the fancy stuff I drool over and yet deny myself because I can't afford them. If free age ups are no more, then the game just lost some of it's draw for me.


Really bummed about the farm not working. While I'm on the subject... if I can buy bunny food, where are the bunnies? My farm is sorely lacking bunnies. And a greenhouse. Barns on a real farm are very useful, it should be more than just decor. Why not be able to store all the stuff you don't need, or want, in your inventory bag? Also, while on the subject of farms, since they need an overhaul anyway to fix the bugs, why not make it so we can harvest seeds from what we grow or grow our own animal food. I mean this isn't modern farming they'd be practicing during the medieval ages, granted a bit steampunkish medieval. They would have to be as self sufficient as possible.


The only thing that would make this game better, would be the ability to build things like Hiccup does. I have a ton of extra wood just laying in my inventory bag and no way to get rid of it. Why not build things? And don't get me started on all the other possiblities, like gronkle iron, or glass. That would be very educational, not to mention fun for those of us who like building games as well. Oh, and where is my loom? I completed the Loom 101 mission (Loom and Doom), but I haven't seen the loom yet. If it's not a thing, it should be. I shear the sheep and harvest the wool, now where's the spinning and weaving and turning fabric into clothing bit? Now, I just need to find the right thread... to post these more off topic subjects, though it being all one game, are these suggestions really off topic? :-)


While you're working out the kins, please make it so we can drop missions that we can't fulfil and sell items from our inventory. Why do I need two cauldrons? Actually, now that I think of it, that might not be so bad, but all those stupid statues I seem to win the most of. I'm never going to use them, I'd rather sell them for coins or at least be able to discard them. Why would I want to take up my already prescious little farm space with ugly, uneccesary, and useless statues? Have I covered everything? Well, I'm sure I'll remember more later.


If they're bringing in Valka, will Stoic still be around?


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