10 underrated dragons

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10: Snow Wraith. I feel like this guy doesn't get enough praise for his amazing stats


9: Skrill. Despite being superfast, and cool (COME ON! He even has thunder coming out of him!), Not many people own a Skrill suprisingly


8: Monsterous Nightmare. He has "NIGHTMARE" in his name. He's also got the best courses in Flight Club


7: Speed Stinger. If you don't like flying, why not run with a dragon equalvalent of a cheetah? He's superfast, but like the skrill, not many people own, or give him praise for being superfast.


6: Changewing. Come on, he has 4 cool skins, and he's like a chamelon, but better! I also find it charming he looks villanious, but derpy. Also, didn't you notice he has two vines, with spikes on them coming out of his head? DOESN'T THAT SOUND COOL? He's also my favorite dragon of all time other than the Nightfury


5: Timberjack. He's superfast, and has big wings! Doesn't that make you wanna get one?


4:  Hideous Zippleback. Just because something has "HIDEOUS" in it's name, doesn't mean it's actually hideous. :D

I find him cute, and like the skrill, and speed stinger, not many people own him.


3: Storm cutter. Not only does he have 4 wings, he looks really cool! He's also Valka's dragon.


2: Snap Trapper. He has 4 heads (Mic drop)


1: Wolly Howl. Do I even have to say anything? He's fast, he's cool, and it's adorably awesome! Unfortunately, it gets overshadowed by other race dragons, and poor Wolly Howl doesn't get enough credit



PS. If you're wondering why I didn't add gronckle, it's because people already know he's underrated, so he gets more attention than these other dragons.




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*surpised yell?*

11- [Great] Death
It's not a rideable dragon in the game, but so what? That guy was the first gargantuan dragon, the real MVP, and gave us genuine sense of 'what-the-actual-living-s**t-is-that'. The franchise says they're ugly, but I near aggressively disagree.



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Omg I can't believe I forgot

Omg I can't believe I forgot about the great death! You're a genious!

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I Think You Know Exactly Who You Are And Your Running From It!

1.Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus.

2. Language!

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Is it that a Doctor Who

Is it that a Doctor Who reference in your subject?


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I Think You Know Exactly Who You Are And Your Running From It!

No... Is it? If it b is oops because that's a line that Gobber says in a feature story of mine.


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I agree with Snap Trapper. Both in-game AND on media. We've only ever seen it in the book of dragons short. :( I hope it appears in the 5th or 6th season of RttE.



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Oh - there's more!

I feel like many dragons are put aside or not included in viking's stories because they are not 'cool' enough. Here are the dragons I think need some more recognition!


Please Note: All Pictures have rightful credit to their owners.





Catastrophic Quaken


















Sweet Death









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Once again! I have found a

Once again! I have found a genious!

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Hmm... how long have you been playing? I remember when the Wooly Howl just came out in SoD, literally everyone I knew got one. They were used in racing all of the time and Wooly-fanart exploded. I think they got their deserved recognition at the time, and are being pushed a little more to the background after the release of a new dragon every time.

Same goes for the Snow Wraith, when they were released they were the number one racing dragon, and I still see many of them whenever I'm in TRR.

Also, reeeaaally long ago when racing was completely different, Zippleback-racing was a thing. Can you believe it? ;) Just like the Woolies, I think these dragons got their recognition, peeked with attention and were pushed aside due to newer dragons. That doesn't mean they have been completely overshadowed, though. I think.

After all this information, do you think differently about your list? Or not? Let me know! :D


Btw, totally agree about the Snap Trapper!! They are awe-some!!</p>






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Who needs subjects anyway

This list is way too true! Poor neglected cuties.

Scuttleclaws are also pretty underappreciated in my opion. Not only because they're super cute, but because they are fantastic racers too! 


Coming soon...

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Poor boulder class..

Dragons like Hotburple, Gronckle and Quaken are too underrated :(





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Oh, all dragons of the above are one of my favourite dragons!

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Aren't Sliquifiers underrated too?

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I think they are... I never see anybody riding one in the game! I also think Grapple Grounders and Shivertooth dragons are rare to see.







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And lest we forget the criminally underrated Night Fury. Poor thing isn't ever acknowledged.


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Rem ate my homework!


I KNOOOWWW!! More people have a Skrill as their OC than Nith furrys! Like, come on! It's stats are the best! How could anyone do this dragon this much injustice is beyond me!





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LOL snow wraiths and storm cutters are my main goof-off dragons for racing at the time (until my snow wraith has to go back to the arctic for the summer cause he will melt and dai ) those dragons i see a lot. Suprisingly the eruptodon looks super cool and is actually a good racing dragon-but i never see any.



I’m sorry for everything I’ve done.

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Thank you all for the

Thank you all for the suggestions! I'll change my list 

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Suggestions from

Suggestions from others:


11: [Great] Death

Quoted by Wutend Bonfire

"It's not a rideable dragon in the game, but so what? That guy was the first gargantuan dragon, the real MVP, and gave us genuine sense of 'what-the-actual-living-heck-is-that'. The franchise says they're ugly, but I near aggressively disagree."


Quoted by Soulofthefoxy : "I feel like many dragons are put aside or not included in viking's stories because they are not 'cool' enough. Here are the dragons I think need some more recognition!"

12: Catastrophic Quaken


13: Boneknapper


14:  Thunderpede


15: Groncicle


16: Snafflefang

17: Shovelhelm
18: Sweet Death
19: Raincutter
20: Rockstompers/Moldruffles
Quoted by Singingredfox: "Dragons like Hotburple, Gronckle and Quaken are too underrated :("
21: Gronckle
22: Sliquifiers 
Quoted by Greenfire: And lest we forget the criminally underrated Night Fury. Poor thing isn't ever acknowledged.
23: Nightfury
Quoted by dragon5496 : "LOL snow wraiths and storm cutters are my main goof-off dragons for racing at the time (until my snow wraith has to go back to the arctic for the summer cause he will melt and dai ) those dragons i see a lot. Suprisingly the eruptodon looks super cool and is actually a good racing dragon-but i never see any."
24: eruptodon


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Silver manipulated my subject -_-

10. I respectfully disagree.... There once was a time (that--somewhere in the game--probably still exists) where the Snow Wraith was the racing GOD and they were used by literally anyone who had one. They were pretty darn overpowered.... Those without either toughed it out or got lucky/used their skill to win. But since the supposed stat nerf I think that's been evened out.


I absolutely agree with you on the Timberjack and Snaptrapper though! My Timber and Snapper are two of my main dragons to use, and I love them both. The Timberjacks are so graceful when they fly, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's laughed at the adorableness of their sleeping habits. :P   So yeah, more love for the Timberjacks!!! 

(I even remember back in the EARLY DAYS, when the Timberjack was only existant in the Taxi station across the school (( I called it the "Timber-jaxi")), the only dragon I truly wanted was a Timberjack. I knew it wasn't possible, since the Timberjack was the taxi dragon and adding them to the game would probably mess things up.

Lo and behold, they got rid of the Timber-jaxi and added Timberjacks. I was so happy I was squeeing up a storm as I hatched my egg. So much for "impossible". >3<)


I miss you, my sweet boy.... You brought such joy and added so much to my life.

But now I know you are free from pain,

and happy in Heaven.

I love you....




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Sweet death

Yeah, they're pretty censored underrated. They don't even have their OWN animation, they still have the one used at Toothless, sand wraith and shockjaw. Apart from that they didn't gave the poor things even a sitting animation! And also the bug about sitting on them...