10 Things that would be Awsome in SoD

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I know the SoD team is quite small and it will cost too much money to make all of these in this game happen, but I'm going to list my Top 10 things that would make this game much more alive and interesting and describe them all. Here we go!


   1. Time Set-Seen it in LOTRO(Lord of the Rings online). After every specific hours(like 4 or 6 hours) the time will set from day to night



   2. Trading/Selling-This has been suggested so many times before, I have too many stuff that I don't want such as farm items. Even some unwanted dragons or dragon eggs



   3. Free Range Travel-You can still have an option to fast travel on the map but how about getting to a destination like from Berk to the School without portals?

(e.g. You go fly over the ocean to get to other islands without a loading screen or a portal)


   4. Less Farm Issues-Not able to move in the farm, vanishing crops, unable to scroll down when your decorating (you have to take out all the decorations before you can actually take the ones you want on the bottom), can't harvest chicken eggs, or sheep wool, ect...


   5. Weather System-Does it ever rain? Is SoD in a drought? Does it snow forever when it's cold? It only rains in quests, but why does it have to be always sunny?



   6. Commands-Seen it in SWTOR(Star Wars The Old Republic online game) when you type "/Clap" your character starts clapping, or "/dance" your character starts dancing, ect...



   7. Functional things in Hideout-Must have things that you can actually do and that's useful in your hideout insead of all boring decorations



  8. Wild Dragon Spawning-We can have wild dragons that spawn in the game. Specific dragons that spawn in an area like the main domestic dragons can spawn anywhere, hobblegrunts spawn on Hobblegrunt Island, Zippleback Island will have mostly zipplebacks and snaptrappers, scauldrons, tide gliders, thunderdrums, or other tidal class dragons will spawn in the ocean, and... You get the point...



  9. New Dragon Sounds-Can the Razorwhip make its own sounds for example instead of making a night fury sound? There is alot of dragons that have the same sounds.



  10. Dragon Ability Usage-A Skrill can charge it's shots quickly when it channels lightning in the opening, Monsterous Nightmares can light themselves on fire, Deadly Nadders can use their spine shot, Singetails can shoot from it's head, tail, and armpits instead of just it's tail, or Catastrophic Quakens can ground pound using a shockwave that does good damage to the boats during battle events.

Or maybe Typhoomerangs can recarge it's shots quickly if you feed it an eel.





There I said them all, and got it out. Which one do like the most?


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Because I always forget the subject

LOTRO yey!

Anyway, these are awesome ideas! I'd love to see some of them implemented. The only issue with the trading system is that you get people spamming the chat with various "trade me!!1!" Messages, other than that the ideas would make SoD even more awesome.


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this game isn't an mmo like

this game isn't an mmo like those, those are mmos made with cutting edge programming and top quality tech and teams backing it, They arent capable of some of these things

keep this in mind: battle mode is a miracle by their standards

this is a multiplayer flight simulator in hidegame trying to pass itself off as an mmo


soem of the ideas are good others just wot work out


1, i agree a day night system would be nice

this might be able to be accomplished by switching differently lit copies of the same maps around every few hours, with a day version of the training grounds sometimes and a night version other times, but an actual cycle is too much


2. NO

there are a LOT of consequences to a trading/gifting system that no one seem to take into account


mainly harassment



there would be chat spam around the clock of complete idiots screeching at the top of their foul keyboards they have no business owning on the internet about the new egg




many people would use guilt, scams, threats, or more 

people would use stories like "I'm a 6 year old and my family is poor please buy me that egg or your a terrible person" or "YOU CAN AFFORD IT YOUR A LNG TIME PLAYER WITH MANY DRAGONS WHOSE MONEY JUST COMES OUT OF THE ATHER RATHER THEN A BANK ACCOUNT SO I DESERVE YOUR STUFF"

they would be intolerable


trust me i have been in games with horrible gifting systems, 

they will pretend to be your friend for a while then guilt you

they will threaten you with hacking (its basically online mugging)

they will spam

they will do anything under the sun if they think it will get someone to give them an egg



now getting rid of eggs doesn't HAVE to make the chat system into even more of a wretched little cesspool of humanity

if the eggs never go between players and passing eggs around is impossible then they cant get eggs from you because it remains impossible, making the harassment have no point and thus no motivation


maybe if you "sell" them to an npc in exchange for about 200 gems for skrills and stuff 300 for stormcutter level prices, and maybe 50 for starters

the game doesn't loose money from giving 200 gems for that, because you either won one in battle so they basically already gave you a free amount of gems, or you bought it on accident so they still benefit, or you got it from 

membership so you already payed for the egg but got one you didn't want, so long story short they would make money from this


the reason i say 200 instead of full price is because the eggs are kinda like gift cards, they arent worth the same as 750 gems


would you rather receive any egg that costs 750/600 or get the gems to buy one?

obviously the gems are worth more because then you can pick which one, the picking is where the money goes, this is why we can get free eggs form battle and the random egg system is cheaper then just buying the egg you want



3. the game isn't designed that way, your asking for an open world game, which this is not

a world map would take so much programming they would have to remake the game entirely, needless to mention the lag

this game has about the quality of an in hidegame, just look at the ground textures and stuff


4.and then they can magically make all bugs go away, glitches arent something they can just fix like magic and the farm shouldn't be that high on the priority list, there are much worse bugs that need fixing

(why dose anyone farm anyway?)



5.yea this would be cool


6.why? the games already Viking centric even though its a dragon game, also what dose this accomplish for overall gameplay?  seems like a waste of the team's time


7.why? hideouts where pointless to begin with, they clearly didn't have the chops to make them work well in the first place and what do they accomplish? 


9. yea i agree the toothless sound is SO overused 


10.yea it would be nice if all dragons wherent just the same flying hitbox with a different model stuck on

they are starting to get there, but not yet

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also different views like

also different views like first person .


just an idea,

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1. Would be nice! This would

1. Would be nice! This would barely affect the game if it were just cycles. Then again, what business would everyone have outside in the middle of the night? Givin' quests to children and all.


2. A trading system would require a huge overhaul. It would have to introduce a working economical system, something I don't think is possible right now, looking at the game's current issues.


3. Would be cool, but this game relies on not being heavy. No loading screens would mean that it'd be one big, open world that loads stuff once you get nearby. I don't think the majority of the devices would be able to handle this. It's a sweet idea, but not realistic, unfortunately.


4. Less issues in general, right?!


5. I'm up for weather. I really like the winter snow. This wouldn't take a big hit on performance, and it sounds like something that can simply be turned off on mobile devices. Weather would be a real cool aesthetic thing, but I'd rather see more fixes first, as always.


6. Emotes would be cash! I'd rather see a PC model upgrade before this, though. I'd love to be able to sit down or dance as a character, haha. They'd be an upgrade from the emotes we already have.


7. The hideout is missing stuff. Definitely. Though the system will never be as good as a triple A game housing system (think WildStar, and I also heard BDO). I;d love some... buffs or something though? The hideout needs some kind of benefit to it. As it is now, it's just a thing were you dump things (that hardly ever fit) and that's it. What if we could like, grill fish for buffs, or something like that?


8. Yessss, I'd love this. This would work if it were toggleable in the menu or something. I'd love to see the empty islands more populated with wild dragons.It gives the game a more immersive feel, I guess.


9. No comment here from me, I always have my game muted. I might unmite if the mixing gets fixed though ;)


10. This would require a LOT of balancing. Every special move has to be pretty unique, and none should be much more powerful than the other. I'm not sure how they'd make this work as of now, but it's a neat idea that makes dragons more unique in a way. If they ever implement this, all I can imagine is an unbalanced mess.




















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Forget the trading system

Honestly, when I was typing this I didn't really think that the trading system would be a success. Just selling them would be better.

And for number 3 and 10 that would take alot of work since yes, the open world thing may one be too expensive, two will have to redesign the game, and three cause more crashes.

And for number 10, yah it makes the dragons more unique but must have a fair amount of power rather then having alot more power then the other dragons and it happens to require different animations to each dragon. So it will probably be hard to do, but it could possibly happen. (maybe)


Edit: Reflecting on the first post I've ever made I would like to sarcastically say thank you for your wonderful first impression over a newcomer compared to the new players at this moment. (Well, mostly the people who judged over the open world or the trading system)

The farm issues have resolved so I cross that, but a selling system is a need. But I fail to understand on how a hacker would harass someone to give him/her a dragon egg when the hacker can just hack it him/herself, but can still be a bad idea for annoying begging people. So forget the trade system. But green light for the selling system.

And for the open world thing, I said 10 things that would be awesome, in other words "This would be cool to have even though it may not happen". There is no need for bashing people in the head with scientific facts that like to "Dream On." In game design, there is no limits. If SoD gets a better engine, hard working and persistent team, more money, and a good coding skill, an Open World can happen without lag. If that isn't possible then games like Skyrim, Ark: Survival Evolved, or even Minecraft wouldn't exist. (the Open World is not the reason why Skyrim is glitchy)

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You can't compare a mobile game like SoD to triple-A games like Skyrim, though. Apples and oranges. Sure, it'd hypothetically be possible if there were indeed funds, manpower and all, but it'll never happen even if they do ever acquire those things. I doubt it's even within JS' field of interest.