10 Facts About AntroTyre`

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​          10 Facts About Me!





   ​1: My fave food is things like.... Pasta bakes, risottos, potatoes. Stuff like that (;

​             2: I cry everytime I read about ocean polluttion or endangered animals ;-;

​             3  My favourite subject is English.

​             4 I write loads, and loads, and loads, and LOADS ​of stories!

             5 I'm an equestrian

​             6: I've been a member of the forums for 12 weeks and 6 days apparently.

​             7 I. Love. The. 80s

​             8 I have two rabbits, Rosie and Berry, one hamster, Minnie, and a gerbil called Mort. (His friend passed away :(

            9 My dream job is a marine biologist.

            10: .... -drumroll- HARRY POTTER F-A-N- 


  Tell me facts about yourself :D




Hello my... Chocolate covered strawberries :)  AntroTyree's picture   ​I'm AntroTyree. Obviously. That's my username.

​Ahem. Anyway here are some random facts about me that you probably don't care about!


​ Name: AntroTyree (As we've already stated)

 Age: My OC's age is 14. Not my real age, though.

​Height: Height? How should I know :P

​ Friends: On the forum..: Even Flow (Hi :D) Pineapple, Rheithebrave and MericcupTheNightFury. Won't list anyone else I know because they may not think of me as a 'friend'.

​Dislikes: Vulgar language, world pollution.

​Likes: Whale sharks, Firehouse (band), and chocolate covered strawberries! :D

Weird fact about me: I'm homophobic..

Image result for httyd 3 gif < Everyone after reading my signature.





  This is Diana the Screaming Death.

Everyone says she must've been a bad egg because she's the SWEETEST SD in the world. She's sort of like a whale.. They're huge, scary looking but, in reality, they're just adorable. Diana has light blue eyes, blue speckles on her underbelly and underwings, and also has large, vunerable looking pupils.




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My fave foods are things

My fave foods are things like^ Oopies :P

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“Tell me facts about yourself”

‘Tell me facts about yourself’

So... this thread is something like ‘making some friends through some facts about ourselves?’ Because that would be awesome :3 And because I am nice person I will say some facts about me:


1. I love animals (and apparently they love me and I am hella fine with it)

2. I am that Potter fan who has only seen movies but wants to read the books but has no time for that now

3. My spine hates me so I wear corset(?) which helps to get it straight like others has

4. There are some times I go into ‘psychologists mode’ and use it for fun on my friends but is just a game (if I have to stop some deals are always made like ‘stop or no chips’)

5. I am indeed moody ( happy, sad, neutral, agressive, stubborn + not satisfied when people touch me or hug me, only friends are allowed)



I am happy that I can be part of this great community and great world of dragons.

Well I‘m from Czech Republic. 

You can call me babu, leen... that’s maybe all...

My hobbies - listening to music (rock, classic rock, christian rock, metal, heavy metal but I don’t mind others genres, just don’t throw it in my face and don't say like my music style is a thrash, only I can say that xD)

- drawing (prefer more animals than humans)

- writing (just in my native language but I do write some english stuff)

- going out with my dog, friends

- also chatting with friends

- read books

- also I love some musicals! Like Hamilton, Heathers and Percy Jackson x3

- love to make new friends, even though first moments and conversations are lil' bit rusty


I can be really annoying, arrogant, awkward... stubborn? Well if you ever talk with me in person, your mind could go crazy

I like to sometimes scare people with gorey stuff but I know where my line ends (in case we are great friends, there’s no line :3)

(also I’m in fandom and I’m sucker for roleplays with my OC’s and I really like knock knock jokes... I already know that I am weird :3)


- I did played SoD but now I do not have a comp. So yeah, for a long while I am without my favourite game (and people ask me why am I drowning in misery xD)


Ignore these relatable gifs, they are here just for fun xD










Some words everyone needs to hear from someone (and I will be that person):



"Who cares where happiness comes from? Look, we're all a little weird, we're all a little wacky—some more than others—but...if it works, it works."

     - Dean Winchester