09/11/13 - School of Dragons Updates

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Hello, all. First, welcome to the new SoD forum! We hope you enjoy the new home for our community and we're sure you'll love the great features it has to offer. Our teams have been hard at work implementing new features and bug fixes so here is a list of what's new in the game:


New Features:

1. 5 custom Hero Dragon: Toothless levels in the Flight School

2. Added winning and losing trophies in racing.

3. Adding top ranked clans (by trophies)

4. Added Achievements into the journal—can you complete them all?

5. Added Saddles to the store—the better the saddle, the faster your top speed will be!

6. 3 New Missions!

7. Added option to turn MMO off if players wish for better performance. We call this ‘single player mode’. Note: Players will get errors when trying to race or chat with MMO turned off, but these will be fixed soon!

8. New Clothes!


Bug Fixes:

1. Fix for unloading unused avatar textures.

2. Optimized the clouds in the Dragon Taxi.

3. Updates for various shaders .

4. Added tooltips to store buttons.

5. Fixed an issue where you approve a friend from an invite and they are not added to your friends list.

6. Economy balancing.

7. Optimizations in terrains.

8. Fixed a bug if you were invited to a clan that was then deleted.

9. Fixed bug with clan message board tabs becoming un-clickable.

10. Bug fix for visiting other clan pages.

11. Bug fix for clan searching problems.

12. Bug fix for player icons not appearing correctly above the avatar’s head

13. Fixed problems with the achievement star in Flight Club.

14. Changed positions of flap and break.

15. Fix for the show country icons.

16. Fix for not being able to dismount bug.

17. Fixed issue where player could access UI behind ‘Hero Dragon Successful’ pop up.

18. Fixed tutorial overlap bug that sometimes happened in Flight Club.

19. Fix for MMO players having fishing rods outside of fishing zone.

20. Fixed bug where clan join request info didn’t go away.

21. Fixed issue with seed bags not turning into seeds within farming. Also fixed all players who currently have this problem.

22. Added new informative load screens.

23. Added Help Dialogue to the Journal.

24. Optimized how often we were rendering shadows for better performance.

25. Optimized various texture settings for better performance.

26. Fix for music and sound effects being heard in farm when music and sound settings are turned off.

27. Fix for text overlapping in fishing tutorial.

28. Moved the player start marker when in build mode.

29. Fixed mini-map being greyed out in the hatchery.

30. Balancing pass on all Flight Club levels.

31. Removed code to reduce the amount of updates being done per frame for better performance.

32. Fixed sparkly textures!

33. Fix to Flight Club scores.

34. Added load screens to give everyone something more to look at during the initial lonnnnnnnnng load.

35. Fix for showing text in the journal when there is no active task.

36. Fix for clans that caused a bug if you switched between tabs too quickly.

37. Fixed another bug with the star in Flight Club if you left and came back.

38. Fix for a bug that happened in Flight Club if player didn’t have a dragon.

39. Made Fireball Frenzy free. Our apologies for making farming expensive J

40. Made fixes to dragon pictures showing up in Flight Club.

41. Added a check to make sure friend list is finished loading before player can visit.

42. Performance optimizations when updating the avatar and pet position information to all MMO players.

43. Fixed MMO prediction that was skipping updates in the visible avatars.

44. Fix to feed menu—it will now not close when you feed your dragon 1 fish. This should be much easier on all players. Woo!

45. Fix for player being automatically mounted on their dragon when exiting Flight Club.

46. Fix to some typos.

47. Fixed confirmation messages when player is removed from a clan.

48. Fix to fishing bug of line not being attached to the rod.

49. Made chat window on by default and moved it to lower left of the screen. Expect more chat improvements to come!

50. Fixes to invite a friend via e-mail.

51. Various cleanup to textures in wilderness, school, and Berk to improve performance.

52. Fix for not enough energy pop up appearing if user was repeatedly retrying levels.

53. Fix bug of Flap and Break buttons appearing for Teen dragon when walking.

54. Fixed Chat to broadcast across all rooms/zones. No matter where players are, you should be able to chat with Clan members and friends.

55. Added small fix to move players camera if frame rate gets to 6 frames a second. This should help with some performance problems.

56. Fix for player being able to search clans by tapping the spacebar.

57. Fix for player being unable to launch second new dragon class level in Flight Club after completing the first.

58. Fixed Chat bubble being visible to the right groups.

59. Forced chat to be invisible when tutorials are playing.

60. Fixed various clipping and visual bugs.


Please let us know if you have any questions or need help. Thanks!