08/29/13 - School of Dragons Updates

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Hey everyone, the team has been hard at work and released these new updates. Thank you for helping us track these bugs so we could fix them for you.

1. As our awesome players requested, we added a top down camera in farming
2. Fixed various text bugs (overlapping, line spacing, etc)
3. Fixed bug where XP meter showed as full when user had no achievement data
4. Updated the art for farm slots
5. Updated to Unity 4.2
6. Updated fishing tutorial text
7. Changed invite a friend to gems
8. Fixed seeing outside of the world when toggling the camera in farming
9. Moved invite a friend into the store
10. Added information about the well in farming the first time a user clicks it
11. Added player water quantity to ‘add water’ button.
12. Updated art for visiting pop-up
13. Small sounds added to various buttons and interfaces
14. Fixed some scrolling bugs in the message board
15. Another attempt at fish not reeling in bugs
16. Economy balancing pass
17. Updated the text for player authorization
18. Various culling optimizations in scenes for performance / frame rate
19. Updates to face textures for boys and girls
20. Reduced number of files to help with initial download
21. Fixed animal tutorial step in farming repeating when user comes out of portal and comes back in. 
22. Added visual bar to show the well refilling rate.
23. Fixed being able to select crops in build mode.
24. Added feed animation and particles to farming.
25. Updated Job Board tutorial text
26. Updated the invite a friend layout slightly
27. Various fixes to wrist bands, shoulder pads, and other clothing textures.
28. Fixed random crash when entering the wilderness
29. Fixed random crash when going into and out of the store.
30. Reduced draw calls when displaying avatar name, this should help frame rate a little.
31. Made teen flight levels available to adults—fly to your heart’s content!
32. Changed bugs in the About Me page related to moods
33. Fixed fishing bug of tutorial GUI overlapping store GUI
34. Added avatar location validation to fix avatars going out of the world when changing scenes
35. Addressed a memory leak when the player leaves the lab
36. Fixed bug that would cause frame rate drops when MMO players were getting disconnected.
37. Fix for Feed menu disappearing in farming when clicking scroll arrow buttons
38. Fixed issue of placing the farm house on top of farming slots
39. Updates to friend list messages
40. Fixed issue of player getting stuck on the geyser in the wilderness
41. Fixes for audio in the lab
42. Fixed tutorial bug in build mode when backpack was open
43. Fixed chat not working in farming
44. Fixed issue where MMO player was able to click on other players’ farm items when visiting
45. Store fix for parts not reverting correctly when switching tabs and trying on clothes
46. Added mini-map for great hall interior
47. Fixed well timer not updating for some players when they log out
48. Added various tooltips throughout interfaces
49. Added gulp animation when petting dragon in pet play
50. Varied load screen order
51. Dragon will now look at mouse cursor when farming
52. Updated the water in farm
53. Fixed various farming tutorial issues
54. Various friend visiting fixes
55. Modified pickups for farming
56. Fixed messages not appearing when players reply to other messages
57. Fixed random crashes in Berk
58. Fixed random crash when navigating in the school or wilderness
59. Fixed random crash bug when player goes from teen to adult dragon
60. Fixed players getting coins whenever they entered farming
61. Fixed bug of refill button not working immediately after player ranks up
62. Fixed bug of water being taken when player harvests a crop
63. Fixed issue of some players starting the game with 0 Gems
64. Fixed quest arrow flickering after leaving play mode
65. Fixed quest arrow not appearing after finishing the fishing quest
66. Fixed crash when player purchases items back-to-back too many times
67. Fixed alignment of vocabulary words in field guide
68. Fixed issue of ‘add water’ button failing to appear during farming tutorial
69. Fixed definition of Herbivorous and producer vocabulary words
70. Fixed players being able to log in from multiple locations at the same time
71. Added text to show next upgrade level and used / available farm slots in build mode

As always, if you have any questions or come across game issues, don't hesitate to let us know in the Customer Support, Technical Support, or Bug Report boards. Thank you!