07/26/13 - School of Dragons Updates

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Thanks to everyone for all your feedback as we've been improving School of Dragons! Our production team has been working hard and just released these new features and updates to make your gaming experience even better. All changes should be apparent as soon as you log-in for your next visit to the game. 

If you experience any issues in the future, please let us know so we can help you as soon as we can. Thanks!

New Features
1. A new racetrack, Fortune Falls, has been added!
2. The game economy balance has been refined.
3. Members now get 500 gems per month of membership.

Updates 1.03
1. The correct image of Hiccup has been implemented when taking your first flight tutorial with Toothless.
2. The lab’s crucible has been fixed to prevent materials from jumping out.
3. Repeating sounds have been fixed.
4. Brown Trout are now easier to catch.
5. Fish no longer overlap with dialogue after being caught.
6. New store buildings have opened in Berk and at the School.
7. Fire and other particles in the world have been optimized for better performance.
8. Avatar saving problems that turned avatars into the default Viking have been updated.
9. High scores text and alignment have been fixed.
10. Membership now reflects in the game if purchased from the map screen.
11. Quests requiring players to collect and turn in items have been fixed.
12. Players will not be dropped from School of Dragons when changing scenes or after playing games.
13. Floating people, avatars stuck in the ground, and invisible dragons have been fixed.
14. Issues with joining races at Thunder Run Racing have been resolved.
15. Optimizations have been made to the Thunderdrum and Whispering Death dragons.
16. Fixes to the chat system, including racing, have been made.
17. Invisible players during races has been fixed.
18. Dragon images appearing after taking the personality test have been fixed.
19. Problems concerning vocabulary words that are unlocked in the field guide have been addressed.
20. Freezes when receiving promo code messages have been fixed.
21. Buttons no longer overlap on the About Me page.
22. More information is available concerning what players unlock when their dragon reaches adulthood.
23. Astrid got tired of hanging out by herself on the mountain. She’s moved to a more convenient location.
24. Authorized players whose names were changed back to ‘Viking-###’ should be prompted for a name change when entering the game.
25. Players no longer move behind the “Congratulations” pop-up after racing.
26. Holes in the Wilderness, Berk, and School have been sealed.
27. Various small quest bugs have been squashed.
28. More sounds have been added throughout the worlds.
29. Optimizations to reduce lag when players load in and out of rooms have been made.
30. Black Deadly Nadder eyelids have been fixed.
31. Hair no longer clips through Dagur helmet.
32. Paths in the Wilderness have been made smoother and easier to navigate.
33. Shadows have been made more realistic.

Updates 1.04
1. Mounting and dismounting bug fixed.
2. Random racetrack selection fixed.
3. Broken avatar textures when switching rooms fixed.

Known Issues
1. Texture issues when aging up a new dragon.
2. Avatar picture in profile picture are not updating after customizing avatar.
3. Temporary texture issues seen on MMO players when loading into a new scene. 
4. Avatars still holding fishing poles after fishing. 
5. When in multiplayer races, tracks are not chosen randomly.