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I will get also Vayne she looks so cool :o I've been trying some new champions from the rotation too lately and I like Fiora but she's hard to play >.<


Oh and I' so proud of my pentakills :D

I also have found some new friends! Or more like they found me hahaah but some really nice people there ^^ 


Bot games are also blind pick >.<


My boyfriend spoke about Tahm but didn't use him yet haha I gotta tell him to do so


I played urf and it's fun xD you can basically attack all the time cause of the infite mana and super short cd xD it was pretty fun ahaha I enjoyed it! I got to get some pvp too but I wasn't as good at it as on bots loool


Xayah skins are >.< the cosmic one especially!


Oooh interesting cover but original is original >.< nothing can beat those amazing BTS voices and the korean language that just fits their song so perfectly <3

I started to like this one a lot: BLACKPINK


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3059 <:




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Welcome! @duckinadragon
Vayne’s an intermediate ADC champ. Give her some practice and she’ll be great when going against players ^^ I never played Fiora b4 so idk how challenging her mechanics r. I just remembered one enemy Fiora sucked a lot. I whooped her a*s each time she came down top lane c:
Yes, those are definitely something to treasure ^^ 
Ah, that’s nice! Yea playing one full team of friends against another is great when you can ^^ 
Ig they kinda r. But the bots r more like randomly generated.
Aw XD you only have all week b4 he’s gone! 
Aw XD but yea, real players dodge and pull combos bots wouldn’t do. But yea XD imagine teemo urf or lux urf lol. If you ever get one of them… :p you’ll have a time of your life. Overall, it’s p gud for learning champs. That and ARURF and ARAM.
I like SSG most >~< Then cosmic :p I actually like her regular skin more than valentines doe.
Yea <3
Oh I heard that one a while back. It’s p gud ^^ Playing with fire is still my fav blackpink song doe :3
Off topic, but I’m so happy coz Miccy won CYL3!!! <3 She’s one of my fav fire emblem chars and the fact that she beat Camilla was great >:) ahahahahha that first place feels so sweet <3
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nice try haha but we're two girls here :p

and yeah welcome!!


Hahahha xD Well she is cool champion but bit difficult for me to play xD I am really good with Xayah - got 3x pentakill in weekend with her mwhehehe (but also with my boyfriend playing as support) but I enjoy playing her the most! I want to buy some more champions, I got interested in Nunu too but it's jungling champion >.< I never tried jungle much (just defeated few monsters sometimes, I love the Rift Harald >.< so adorable)


Ah yeah :o

Also Taliyah looks cool, got one on team yesterday and got me interested haha


He's gonna be gone by tomorrow already xD But I think my boyfriend owns him so it shouldn't be much of problem :D


Oh my gosh can you imagine Lux in that? Stunned all the frikkin time XD I'd be angry to play against it XD

I'm currently playing more the intermediate bots to learn more about other champions and yeah just to see how it works but those bots are really agressive >.<


I like all of her skins! The cosmic is so far my most favourite but her original look is just probably the best! I love the match of the colors with Rakan in their original - purple and yellow so beautiful together ^^


Blackpink are cool :3 but BTS <3


Hahahaha no idea what you talk about but I'm happy for you! XD


Also today's SONG


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Uhhh duckinadragon’s a gurl too XD
:o congrats! That’s great!!! Hm, im not gud with jungle coz i like only jged once in my life. But  basically you go grab buffs and you gank lanes where you think you can get kills or where your teammates really need you. Yea rift herald is fun to tease XD i love how it just slides around. So relaxing to watch sometimes XD 
He’s p cool imo, doe i never played him. Try him out ^^
Aw XD but when you do play Tahm, i hope you enjoy it ^^
Yea XD i meant for you to play as her in urf :p just to have fun doing the stuns.
Aye. really? I don’t remember much about the bots since i didn’t play many bot games. But yeh, it’s a step up and i’m sure you’re ready for it ^^ good luck!
Yeh, they’re really pretty together! SSG still my fav XD
Mhm. BTS is best ^^ Recently, my bro got me into IKON. I have heard some IKON songs b4 when I first was exposed to kpop but I didn’t really get into it until last week when that was all my brother played at home ._.
Fire emblem heroes XD why do i still play that game i don’t know but im happy when my favs win things <3 
Ahhhh that was exactly what i needed to make my day <3 thank you ^^ I really needed that song to make it better :)
Something random. I've been having all sorts of weird dreams ._. like they're giving me some warning about life. something's gonna go wrong i know for a fact XD
Hm, here’s my SONG two of my fav songs, put together <3
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yeah idk I'm stopid what was I thinking or seeing xD


Ahh I still didn't get to learn jungle xD not that I want to much I'm more interested in playing in lanes than jungle but perhaps once I learn how to jungle...mmm yeah Rift Harald is super cute, I like how he dance when you win without him disappearing before :D


I don't really know if Taliyah is girl or boy xD


I played Tahm once and it was in urf and I was super confused about him xD


SSG looks epic and I want it so badly but can't purchase it now >.< I got the Akali skin not the KDA because I like the Blood Moon for her more since the mask isjust so epic aaahhh


Oh? You got any song by them? I figured out I can't play music during playing LoL because I really need to hear the voices of what's happening in other lanes and so on so my own music only disturbs me during playing League >.<


Ohh I'm glad the song made your day ^^ tough days? I started to feel bit sick lately I hope I can get better soon because work during being sick is really annoying


Also thanks for the meme talk on discord last time, it made my day too :D


Hopefully nothing bad is gonna happen to you D: 


Quite chill song ^^

I send this one, because it brings back memories...unfortunately sad so bring your tissues before hearing it


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Aw XD everyone makes mistakes like that. You were prolly tired or reading too fast :p
Everyone has their own niche :3 Ye, take ur time ^^ Wait really?! He dances?! Omg i need to see itttttt (i prolly never saw bc it’s always dead b4 then XD) 
Huh. She’s a girl apparently. Idk why i thought she was male XD Im dumb. 
You devour people and you throw them around :p enemy’s annoying you? Pick them up and recall. Throw them into your spawn. Or nearby turret. Teammate’s annoying you? Pick them up and throw them into an enemy turret or enemy spawn :D Teammate low on health? Pick them up and throw them into turret so the turret gets the kill, not the enemy. 200 iq champion skills. 
You hate your jger? B4 they kill the drake, eat them up so the enemy can kill the drake or baron. Wait, hold on i just realized i was mistaking rift herald for something else. *facepalm* I meant the rift scuttler. Idk what’s wrong with me. But the rift herald is also p lit. *unleashes rift herald* HEY GUYS TIME TO ALL GO MID!!1!1111!!!!! And then there’s destruction lol.
All bloodmoon skins are sick >~< but actual bloodmoon event is just chaos XD chaos everywhere. Just chaos.
Aye, HERE. LO-O-OVE SCENARIO~Yea, i get what you mean. But then there comes a point when i don’t give a cra.p and just play music doe XD
Np ^^ I enjoyed it too :D 
Ig I was just being too pessimistic. But Imma bet it’ll hit when I’m not expecting it. 
AJDS;LKFJASDL;KFJ NOOOO WHY U DO THIS TO ME ;-; The ending killed me… I was so happy for the dragons but I was so heartbroken...no matter how mentally prepared I was before. But still..it’s just so bittersweet...I couldn’t get out of my seat while the credits played doe >~< Ahhhhhhh...thank goodness ihave tissues >~<
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yeah or I just didn't remember the number xD well sorry for my bad thinking haha


Yeah well in bot games he sometimes managed to survive till we finish game so he starts to dance and he is really adorable then :D You HAVE to see it haha ^^


Here it comes again...we all do mistakes like that xD hahaha


Whoaaaaaa actually yesterday I found those new friends and one game he played as Tahm and I was playing midlane with Irelia but one teammate was coming from top and instantly waited until I lower the enemy and then he got the last hit to get the kill....so my friend came to me and kept on picking up that annoying guy and throwing him to the enemy turret just as you said XD and the guy was like "bruh" so my friend said that someone had to stop him ahaha xD also look this video and the beginning is soooo trollol xD



I played one draft pick yesterday....bad decision xD I went as adc but yeah my god I hate those team fights when all people gather in one lane and fight xD it's so confusing I can't even tell who is where and what is happening lolol, also Ivern is really cool jungler :D Bwaaaah Rift Harald is basically the monster that spawns before the Baron, you can capture it and make a pet of it as I call it, he's adorable for some reason mweheh


BloodMoon is also event? When does it happen? Ack I just like the skins though, they are so cool I want to buy Jhin now >.< 


Aw feather, you can message me anytime you need to be cheered on! I'm on discord basically through the day if Ipm not at work or sleep so :3 I'm always gonna make you laugh again! I'm never too busy to help a friend ^^


WHOAAAAAAAAAAa that Love Scenario song I know it!!! I love it ^^ I just didn't hear it from those guys but in cover from one girl and in nightcore version, here it is:


They sing it so cool tho :D But BTS are better >.> Or perhaps I'm just too BTS lover, they are just so handsome and their voices cannot be replaced ah


Ah same...I remember when Toothless and Hiccup were giving each other last goodbye I was crying so I was pretending I just brushed something off my face to take off my tears haha xD My mom cried too though

Ah I just wanted the dragons to live happy with humans :c that wasn't as happy ending as I wanted gaawwaaaaa 

*cries waterfalls*

I couldn't get off my seat either, you know when this song started to play and they flashed there those pictures from the first and second movie? I literally yelled on the whole cinema: "OMG THAT FLASHBACKS" and was about to cry again :c

Darn you Dreamworks! This third movie really broke my heart and shattered it into thousand pieces


Here something to laugh the sadness off though

Gintama never disappoints

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Np XD 
Maybe if i can get a quick bot game in with rift heralder...or just search up a vid. I think i can go on euw.op.gg to find a game. Can you tell me which game you played had the rift herald dancing? (at least what champ you were playing so i can find it XD)
Yea XD 
Yup, that’s how you play tahm. This one guy legit picked tahm once bc i was teemo and he kept me from getting kills. It was so flipping frustrating. The guy came toplane where i was and kept on throwing me into a turret. So i went bot lane and he followed me bot and told the adc to go top. Wtf was that. Then he kept throwing me into turrets so i threw lane and played like a trash adc to annoy that guy.
Lmao that vid XD the lux fails killed me every time. Omg some of the jinx misses doe. L;askdfjakls;dfj then there’s also that warwick fail :’) But the pantehon ult at the beginning doe XD This is not bronze, this is iron lol.
Haha...bot lane always gets ganked and then everyone goes mid towards the end XD this one time it was a 3v1 in bot. The support was like afk or something. Like no one came to help me (i was adc) and i was like uh guys?????? Legit had to play with 100x more alertness. I was hugging the turret for my life at times ._. Jg came in 15 mins late or something and was like lol sry. Thanks team.
I think it takes months to actually understand everything going on. But like when it comes to that, watch the health bars at the very least. If your teammates push, you prolly should join them. Stay with your teammates. You push together, you hidetogether.
Yeh, he’s basically a pet :p
Mhm, it’s called Hunt of the Blood Moon. It’s a 5v5 with assassins only. Utter chaos. Shortened cd’s, no turrets basically, other buffs that just make ppl op. It’s just mass murder.
Thanks ^^ I really appreciate it :D 
Aww the nightcored version is so cute XD She’s just a little flat, most notably on her g’s which kinda bothers me...but still cute XD
;lksadjfl;aksdfj and when Toothless removed his head from Hiccup’s hand T^T I could cry rn….just envisioning it….
One day we will :) Just think of it like that. Even if Hiccup didn’t have the chance, he’s making way for a chance for the future.
As;ldkfjasldjf yea ;-; I just cried through the credits...It’s like one part of us is lost at the end >~< 
XD yes. Gintama summarizes our lives :’)
Ah! I nearly forgot to give my song! HERE since we were talking about endings...I was crying when that played at the end of Fate/Grand Order arc ;-; So much has happened...and the year and a half long journey finally came to an end T^T
But Epic of Remnant arc has started :) It's gonna be a whole new journey filled with all sorts of new experiences. Onward! (and now imma go play some since I'm now in the mood for if :'))
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There were dragons when I was a boy...


hello everyone here, how was your day?



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'Bout me:

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Favorite color: Orange, probably, then blues

What I'm like: I'm a tired, oftentimes snippy and sarcastic, human. I enjoy art and playing video games. I am extremely passionate about genders and se.xualities, so if you want a long-winded rant about how I'm a human too, PM me and tell me! I'm always happy to explain what it's like being pangendered/agendered and panromantic/ase.xual!

Other crap: I am: panromantic, meaning I can be attracted to people of any and all genders in a romantic sense; I am ase.xual, meaning I am not attracted to people in a se.xual way.

I like to draw, so if you have a request of a dragon for an artist, PM me a picture of a dragon, its backstory, and what you want. If I feel so inclned, I will complete your request.

I am a huge nerd and proud of it. I play D&D soon-to-be three times a week, as a DM one time, a Drow Swashbucker, and a Dragonborn Paladin named Ajoke in the last. Fun fact; Ameme, Ajoke's father, was posessed by Bahamut one time. Bahamut is the D&D Dragon God of Good. 


Adopts and OCs:

Flikrr, made by the AMAZING Chamishida!

I looked around, nose in the air. It told me there was boar near. I, fire burning hotly within myself, looked around. Sure enough, fifty paces off, more or less, was a full-grown boar. I was getting rather hungry, and a boar makes a nice meal. I stealthily approched it, thinking of the feast I'd have today.

The boar's head jerked up- great. I must have been too loud. And then I heard it as well: crunching leaves beneath a foot. It was leaf-fall, so this was no big surprise. I lunged at the boar, and it gave a shrill whine of terror before I rammed into it, scorching the fur. Within seconds, it was d'ead. I tore into it, hunger stopping all other thought until I saw a shadow and heard the hushed voices: "Is it real?" "Is that a Coalskin?" "How are we not in Valhalla yet?"

I turned. There was a group of Viking children, watching me. They speak in whispers among themselves, but I hear. I turn to look at them, and the voices fall silent. They look scared, except one. I give a ROAR and the group scatters. Not one, though. She approaches me, and says quitely, "They're not going to hurt you." I look at the Viking. She's nothing special, really. She's just braver than the rest. I like that.

I look at the girl, and think about what I'm doing. I then dip my head, slightly. A respectful bow. I respect bravery, and this child, no less, has stood to a Coalskin. In my opinion, we are the most scary dragons out there. The girl returns the bow, and she begins to walk off, and I follow. 

"You need a name." Her voice cuts the silence of the forest. I look at her. I have a name, but nothing she can pronounce. It's 'Hrrrrr', all long and dragged out, and low, very low, until the end, where it flares up into a high pitch. But this girl doesn't know that. "Flicker? Nah, too generic. Flickrr." I like this new human-name. It cuts the 'e' sound, leaving you with a harsh 'rrr' sound. We walk back, both content walking in silence.

And that's how it's been ever since. Once Holly foud her island, I have stayed to keep it save from all who wish her harm.  I am a guardian, one who will keep this land I call my home. The other dragons, like Birchbark, all accept me as a protecter, and know better than to cross me. I am kept 'in check' by Holly's Groncicles, who I do adore, as they let me run free, so long as no fires start in my wake. Dragons come and go, taken to great beyonds, and although I cannot go on adventures 'round the world, I keep my own world safe, for myself, for Holly, and for the other dragons. 


Brichbark, made by, again, the amazing Chamishida! Thank you so much, Chamishida!

 Birch was found by Lightning, Holly's Skrill, on a stormy day. The small Sinisterous Woodreaper, being about two months old and having a broken leg, snuggled up with the large Skrill. Holly found them some time later, and saw the leg. She quickly bound it and took the dragon home. A few months later, the small dragon was healed and had the name of Birchbark. Holly set the dragon free but the dragon wouldn't leave. Holly relented and kep the dragon, letting her roam free on the island Holly and her dragons called home. Birchbark si all grown up now, and helps to protect the island.


Drym, made by the wonderful KasaneLover!

How Holly managed to tame this dragon is beyone her. After Drym had eaten enough of Holly's food, they just decided to follow along after her, and now is one of the dragons of her island.


If you're down here, then know this is a WIP. And it shall continue to be for quite a while.

Also, PM me 'wer aunel di vi darastrix' and you'll get a special dergon art!

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Great ^^ and you?

(Don't mind the gifs. They're just for our entertainment)

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No Game No Life


You can stalk my games? :o I don't really remember lol I play mainly Xayah and Irelia now but lately I don't think there was Harald that survived in my games since not many people jungle in bot games anyway, it's really rare and when I actually go pvp the jungler gets the Harald and he disappears before ending (or the enemy team gets him) so yeah :c


Whoaaaaa I see :D well I haven't played with Tahm's people much yet I only played him once myself but I didn't really know what to do xD and then once with the friend last time but perhaps one day I'll see more of his gameplay ^^

You really like Teemo :D I like Gnar, he's super adorable :3


Yeah those misses are best I jusrt love when the Lux ult in totally opposite direction than the enemies are...like...not even I am that stopid hahahaha

I love watching those videos...or those people's flashes for no apparent reason :') best hahaha but maybe those are also people who just troll and wanna have fun and are crazy xD I do it too sometimes with friends in bot games lol


Omg xD I'd be frustrated as heck if that happened to me but I usually feel weird if other teammates come help to me, I feel way more noobish than I actually am xD I don't like those huge team fights cause I always dai since I'm too slow for good people :D

But you are right, it's good to stay around the team, yesterday when I played support in that one pvp I just kept on following my friend adc and then the others XD


:O Interesting event..nothing for me tho I would suck at that so much and just keep on getting killed anyway xD


Mwehehe ^^


Ahh yeah that hand moment...was so strong because I directly remembered...the very first movie when he placed hishead to Hiccup's hand and now it's like he took it away and it kinda made me feel like..you know in first movie that was a beginning of their friendship when Toothless let Hiccup's hand to touch his head and now it's like end of their friendship ack :c


Aw I see ^^


Good luck with gaming :o I won't add any song now cause I'm in really tense pvp on Leeg xD

They sent me mid :o I did pretty okay with Neeko tho phew


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I believe I can. Gotta confirm. Ik there’s an option to on op.gg... Rip. Imma just search online for it. That’s more simple XD
Yea XD he’s just a support for trolling :p There’s prolly an actual champion spotlight for Tahm so you can learn more about  him. (Actual champion spotlights are the best :D they’re so funny XD)
Teemo is fun to troll on :p easy to win top lane with him (my one bane was Talon). You build ap. Then after top feeds you, you go around the jg and ult all over the place XD then you watch the kills come (kills you didn’t even have to fight for lol). That’s why everyone hated him.
XD ikr?! It’s one thing to slip your mouse. It’s another to aim that direction when you KNO that there’s no one going that way XD
Yea :’) but like in the korean server it’s so difficult that sometimes ppl can get so nervous they flash for no reason (they get juked XD and then they d.ie)
Yea, but ig I deserved it for playing Teemo XD I hope now ppl are more relaxed about his cancerous move set in comparison to a certain ult stealing champion :p
Well think of it as a gank. Someone on your team saw opportunity to push so they came (they must be bored in their lane or something). Or they just feel like dipsh.its and just gang up in bot lane XD
Mhm. Smart ^^ (unless you’re an aggressive supp who’s somewhat fed, you prolly shouldn’t venture too far unless you’re trying to bait the enemy)
Yea XD but dw, it’s all just masacre so everyone’s dying lol.
Yea T^T and then the monologue “there once were dragons when I was young…” RIght from the first page of the books...it hurt when I heard it... 
Aight XD Ig I’ll give a new song HERE
Ayy, congrats! :D
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Ack I always open this and then never get the time to reply...I promise I do it over weekend, kinda busy this week >.<

(BTW CHECK OUT the new update of Kayle and Morgana, super cool!)

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Tamra Diamond
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ah finally here!


Oh yeah I know! I watch the Skin Spotlights sometimes :D It's pretty cool to see in case I wanna buy skin so I look on the videos and choose the best looking one because they sometimes are not as pretty in game as on the picture :c


Talon is op >.< I played urf against him and well...no chance...seriously hahaha but I guess it also deppends on a player who plays him and if a good player gets good champion that is op...the rest of the world is lost xD


Korean server? Me want...I wouldn't understand tho but what if,...BTS play too xD that would be so much fun, imagine you meeting BTS in a game without knowing :o


Well Teemo still seems really annoying to have on team sometimes especially when he randomly comes to my lane and waits until I lower the hp of enemy champ and then he comes and steals the kill...bruh ._.


Yeah apparently xD I rarely gank to be honest I don't usually switch my lane because I feel like other people don't want me to come so yeah I don't wanna bother others so I stick to my lane XD


Oh ahhaah good to know then xD you gimme lot of good infos about Leeg actually :D


EXACTLY....omg that ending just breaks my heart again and again...I wish I could unseen the movie at some point so I wouldn't be this sad haha I'll need some BTS recovery


Red Velvet :o

I like it! My fav song by them is Cookie Jar I think ^^


Also...here's my song for now, kinda chill ^^ also kpop tho



Loving those skins and the pic,....gaaah so pretty and romantic I'm getting lost hahah


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Gotta check them out >~<
Oh wait not those XD I was talking about a diff yt channel. HERE. He’s really funny and you learn plenty from them XD My fav actual champion spotlight is prolly Aurelion Sol :3
Tru XD
Yeh. And the bronze players there prolly play better than EUW gold players so...you’ll just get a very low kdr XD Who knows what if they do play? That would cause chaos XDD
What kind of ks is it? Does the enemy walk into a shroom or does he come clean up with a q or auto? (also was he jg? Coz if he was jg, he was prolly just doing his job)
Ah, I get what you mean. I get annoyed when people come into my personal space in other games. I don’t mind ppl ganking my lane doe. Unless they’re srsly neglecting their lane. If they’re winning their lane then I’m fine.
Np ^^
Yea T^T need some happy stuff in my life :’)
Hm..not sure what my fav from them is. I rarely listen to them. 
Aw, so prettyyyy <3 how’d you know I liked chill? :O (I must’ve mentioned it or something XD but I’m forgetting when lol. Or maybe a lot of the songs I’ve shared were chill genre but i feel like i’ve been mainly sharing jpop recently)
Was gonna change things up, but this song is so relatable and the singer is so full of emotion >~< HERE
They’re always so lovely together >~< and the gif makes it even prettier! *when will i find love in my life XD*
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                                                           In Game Name: StarfinderTheDestined 

(Completely unrelated from the game starfinder)

UDT Points: 400,000 


Flightmares: Fearcontroler (Titan), Sandyglow, & Ambermist

Zipplebacks: Twostrike, Wing and Spark, & Toil and Trouble

Groncicles: Coldwing & Hoth

Gronckles: Lavamaster, July, & Easter 

Whispering Deaths: Landdigger, Spikering, & Wildspike

Nightmares: Blazefire & Firechain

Shockjaw: Stormspeed (titan)

Screaming Death: Skullghost (titan)

Nadders: Speadshadow, Melon, Starspine, & Desertwing

Mudraker: Deepsmeller

Scuttleclaw: Stormclaw

Deathgriper: Furious (titan)

Hobblegrunt: Shadescales

Eruptodon: Volcanomaster 

Rumblehorn: Quakeflyer 

Thunderdrum: Stormjaw

Razorwhip: Goldenwind

Skrill: Thunderspeed (titan)

Stormcutter: Quadwing 

Armorwing: Halfhron

Smokebreath: Smokescreen 

Random things That I llike and Ranked for some reason if you care.

Favorite dragons: 




Night Fury 

Screaming Death 

Sand Wraith 

Crimson Goregutter 

Night Lights






No Hacking in SoD


Other Stuff about my

Age: 1-99


Like dogs

Try to play Thunder Run everyday 

My clan




Prepare for BATTLE!!!!!!

The Moon

(Not my art but thank youSangoMichiko13)

Thank you Dragonriders Fury

Favorite movies:

The Book of Daniel 

The Empire Strikes Back

How to Train Your Dragon:The Hidden World 

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Spiderman Homecoming 




My Ranking of Star Wars ( The only film series I like more than Httyd)

The Empire Strikes  Back 

Rogue One

A New Hope

The Last Jedi

Return of The Jedi

The Force Awakens 

Revenge of the Sith


Attack of the Clones

The Phantom Menace 


Favorite httyd quote 

"There were dragons when I was a boy"

Favorite httyd music

There Once Were Dragons 

Favorite httyd scene 

Forbidden Friendships 

Other Viking  Starfindertwo


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:o a new challenger appears

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lucrest drop it.... DROP IT NOW


been awhile since i have played this game :D


Welcome to my Signature :D


flightrising user: Nightfeather225


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Clan: The Dragon Racers

Current Trophy Count:?

Dragon Count: 66

Main Dragons: Nightglow, Flightmare (Titan Wing); Eclipse, Sand Wraith (Titan Wing); Alexios, Skrill (Titan Wing); Hawkeye, Triple Stryke; Slick Lucrest; Slithersong

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Overall Viking:


Name: AthenaClaire

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Main Dragon: Lucrest

Birthplace: -

Birthday: June 2


Main Dragon:

Name: Slick Lucrest (Slick)

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Species: Slitherwing

Rider: AthenaClaire

Birthplace: -Icestorm Island-

Birthday: March 21

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"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be."


“Every storm runs out of rain, just like every dark night turns into day.”


“Don’t waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window—or break down a door.”


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By LilyStark By Flitt









P.S. If you like my signature or Nox's, I make them for people! I am happy to make you one just PM me for details! :)


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wb ^^

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new peeps :o


Oooh welp xD I will check out this channel too tho ^^ It seems like cool one!


That's true...reminds me my boyfriend just promoted to Platinum again :D I feel proud of him too haha I sometimes wish I was ranked too but when I hear what's ranking about I don't wanna meet the toxic cancer xD


Hmm no no he wasn't jungler, he was in toplane but then he came to my lane for no reason and waited in edge of jungle until I made the enemy in midlane low hp and then he got the final shot so he got the kill..and then he went back to his lane like bruh seriously? Sometimes there are really annoying people...


I agree! If you are winning your lane and you come to help that's fine but if you are loosing your lane and I'm doing pretty ok then why come? Clearly just for the perfect KDA apparently...-.-


I found new song actually :o it's by girl kpop group I never heard of before but this song is really catchy ^^



IKR! Taemin's songs are so chill and beautiful I can show you my favourite too, here: MOVE

I didn't know but since you are my friend I know exactly what you need hehehe :3


Your song is also so pretty :o I really liked it ^^ 


They definitely are >.< My most favourite played duo so far, really enjoyable their interactions between haha ^^ 

You will don't worry :3


Oh also I'm jealous ._. I've got this new friend that has really nice voice and he even can sing really well like whaaaat if I was a male I'd love to have his voice so I could sing without shame...not like me when I try to sing, the glasses breaks lol