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Hi there! This is the beginning of a series of cartoon dragons that I have made (and please give credit if used in signatures etc.) Feel free to request (but only in this forum, if you PM me I will most likely loose it). My first dragon cartoon is the Flightmare!

The colours are based on my Flightmare, Skywish.



What should my next dragon be? Reply on this post to vote! NOTE: I wil only make dragons that are in-game however I am working on Stormcutters as it is a popular demand. Please don’t bother to vote for Stormcutters though. Thanks!



LisieChap and Seawisp

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Whispering Death!

Whispering Death!

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Deadly Nadder is my vote.


Can you make me one:


White body, white underbelly and blue details



:D Imma collect all your cartoons :D









    Name: Izzy Sparrow 

     Clan: Swift Champions 

     Position: Dragon Trainer 

     Main Dragons: - Storm (Nadder) 

                                                    - Porcupine (Woolly Howl)

                                  - Blizzard (Speed Stinger)

      Main Racers: - Bolt (Skrill) 

                                       - Camo (Sand Wraith)











                                             Made by Pixel



Swift Champions are recruiting! We are a competative/semi-competative clan. If you're interested in joining, click HERE!
We welcome all! We are always seeking new members :) 


By Victoriae350


Clan Dragon by Stiger23



Made by Defy

Coalt the Oriental Serpentfang by NightmareRebuff



My Feather Fury and my River Fury by Defy


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Screaming Death ! Screaming Death !

SCREAMING DEATH ! SCREAMING DEATH ! Or Stormcutters , maybe ?




Dragon Licences Made By The Awesome Scoubidous
Awesome Dragon Cards Made By The Fabulous Nessie
Awesome Scensoredtorm and Skycloud OCs ( Stormcutters ) Made By Aprikoze
Thanks To Defy For These Awesome and Cool Stormcutter Banners and Bouncies
Amazing Banner Made By LoyceeForEver
Amazing Drawing Made By Chocolate24
Christmas Nadder Made By The Talented 1Flower
Cyclone Made By The Awesome chocolate24
Awesome Hydra and Stormfly ( Deadly Nadders ) Made By NadderLover456
Abyss ( Night Fury OC ) Made By hot lava girl 29
My Stormcutter Family Made By The Fabulous Nessie
Abyss Made By SunnyVisions
Awesome Scensoredtar ( Night Speed ) Made By Reiraku
      Awesome Nehalem, Skye and Aleph ( Grapple Grounder, Sand Wraith and Hackatoo ) Made By Sleepyracoon
                                   Awesome Hydra and Stormfly ( Deadly Nadders ) Made By Rae Didgeridoo                           
                 Awesome Rex , Ren , Groundbreaker and Groundsplitter ( Whispering Deaths ) Made By Hattori        
                             Awesome Thunderstorm and ChromeJailer ( Skrills ) Made By Rae Didgeridoo and Hattori                          
                  Awesome Heatblast , Hookfang and Fanghook ( Monstrous Nightmares ) Made By Hattori
                            Awesome Cyclone , Typhoon and Torch ( Typhoomerangs ) Made By Hattori
                           Awesome Phantom and Blaster ( Smothering Smokebreaths ) Made By Hattori
                       Awesome Gas And Spark and Barf And Belch ( Hideous Zipplebacks ) Made By Hattori     
Awesome Iggy, Meatlug, Rocklover and Rockeater Made By The Awesome Hattori
 Awesome Jolt, Hofferson's Bane and Bolt ( Flightmares ) Made By LisieChap, Defy and 1flower
                           Awesome Sonicshadow , Sonicblast and Thornado ( Thunderdrums ) Made By Defy
Awesome Revenger and Genesis ( Boneknappers ) Made By kaylawolf91
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Random comment loading...

Boneknappers there going to be part of the game soon




dragon(s) and Names Main Dragon Whispering Death (GroundSpitter) ZippleBack (Butter and Toast) NightMare (Peril) ThunderDrum (Anemone) Nightfury (WhisperingNight) Whispering death (Glory) whispering death (Fluffy) and Gronkle (Titan Wing) Scauldron (SeaStorm)Typhomerang (SpiralingCave) Skrill (lightningStar)FlightMare NeonStar

BoneKnapper (AshBone)Boneknapper (Squidy) Nightmare (kingScream)

 Currently no clan

 Clan postition nothing

 (I plan to start my own) 



  My lovely bou

ncie nadder Hipster made by the Incredable Rae :) 

Another bouncie made by TildenWolfGirl Another yes another magical bouncie made by  TildenWolfGirl

                                   FlightMare bouncy made by the amazing 1flower


 Dragon(s) Main Dragon Thunder drum (ThunderPhantom) and Nightfury (toothless)

Clan Frozen Stars

Clan Postion Leader 

whispering deaths to me are more pretty than a nadder kinder than a gronkle more fireproof than a nightmare more mysterious than a changewing more amazing then the two headed zippleback more loyal than a stormcutter more fearsome than a skrill and together we are unstopable.

Ground Spitter and RockStarGal

 without eachother we are nothing     amazing whispering death made by Diznits!!!




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I know...

This is because of all the hackers that have spoileed it for us.

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Awesomely Beautiful!

Just gorgeous! Could you do one for me? Valkyrie's Flight is a white Flightmare with white spots, turquoise on the wing tips, etc. and pale purplish blue on the underbelly. 


Oh, and next dragon. Hmmm, Bone Knapper seems like an obvious choice since it is coming out next. I would like a Rumblehorn though! Yours is beautiful, by the way! :)


  xXGlacier IceXx 


   Proud Leader of FrozenFire  


  Co-Leader of Celtic Fire & Gypsy Soul  



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Hi, If you hve stumbled apon this post and want to request a cartoon or vote for the next dragon, do not do it here. This is because this is the old post, I have updated the cartoon to a bouncie. My updated posts have the same title, just instead of cartoon it will be bouncie. Thanks and please feel free to request on my other post. All votes previously on this post will still be counted and if you are Izzy Sparrow your request will be posted on the new post. Thanks agian! ♥

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oooo could you do the

oooo could you do the stormcutter as ThunderOwl? i would really appreciate that O: 


hmm and i would go with nadder (just figured i would put my vote here too :P)



Viking: Lunar Vixen

Clan: None

Main Dragon: Echo (Stormcutter/Male) 

Secondary Dragon: Toxic (Deadly Nadder/Female)

Alt. main: Eclipse (Nightstinger/Male)

My Website: https://beacons.page/lunarvixen


do not steal anything from this signature!!!





1. Echo = A large stormcutter, slightly bigger then Cloudjumper.  He is very strong and fast for his species. He is very loyal to his rider. He has a bit of an attitude, and doesnt show much emotion. He is a big sweetheart but finds showing it off to be embarassing. He is only goofy acting and silly when alone with his rider or Toxic. 

2. Toxic = my oldest and longest owning dragon.  She is more playful than even stormfly...and thats saying a lot.  She is just about as competitive and trains hard.  She is quite smart and very quick on her feet.  She is a great tracker and loves to take long, nighttime flights.  


3. Blackout = a rather bad boy character... well he tries to be. He is really quite lovable, but tries to be tough and brutal. He is very standoffish and doesn’t trust people easily. He mostly runs from them and will attack if they follow. He is wild at heart, but sometimes let’s his rider take him for a spin... but be careful of being zapped.


4. Eclipse = (a nightfury/speed stinger mix). despite being a fearsome dragon species, he is extremely playful and loves to be petted. His personality has two sides to it, the playful friendly side for his friends and children, then the deadly protective side when anyone is in danger. He has a slight fear of thunderstorms and prefers to be inside during them. He loves the rain, but not during thunder. He has all of the abilities of a nightfury and a speed stinger.

6. Nightwhisper = a female nightlight whom performs medical opperations in battle. She saves injured animals and gets them to safety.  She is very intellegent, wild, and creative.  She loves to draw on the ground and will get mad at you if you step on them.  If you try to get on her back she will buck you off, she hates being ridden by most people.  She loves to fly alone and do tricks in the sky. Whisper is mostly nocturnal, but will go out at daytime. She is the second generation daughter of Toothless and the Lightfury.  She is very rebellious, but loves her family dearly. She is very cat like but is as loyal as a dog.

7. Lucian = he is a lightfury/sandwraith/changewing hybrid.  His main firepower is a strong acid that can even go through metal.  He also has very weak plasma blasts.  He can turn invisible, swim well, and buries under the sand. He is overall very lazy and loves to just lay around and soak up the sun.  He will only attack if provoked.  He is overall quite friendly with humans, but can be a bit territorial.  He does often shed his skin to keep himself fresh and new.  He is a bit of a prankster when he wants to be.  He loves to also float in the water. If you wish to find him, walk along a beach during the day and you will prob find him there!


8. Caspian = night whisper's mate. He is an aquatic lightfury whom prefers swimming over flying. He is large for his breed and brave. He is also a bit wreckless and silly. 

9. Whirlpool = a scauldron whom loves to swim and help fisherman catch fish. He is very friendly and outgoing for his species. 

10. Frostflight = a very lonely lightfury. she lives a life of solitude and is too skeptical to let anyone into her life. Everyone she loved either died or abandoned her. She gets lonely often and spends her time drawing in the dirty, hanging out with animals, or climbing. 

11. Scorpio = a stubborn hard headed dragon made after the Scorpio astrology sign. He is everything that they are. 

12. Ghost = the son of Caspian and Nightwhisper. He is moreso a lightfury then a nightfury.  He has all of the abilities of a lightfury and can swim well like his father.

13. Adler = Toxic's mate. He is very hot headed, but kind and tempered around Toxic. He likes to always be in charge, and gets grumpy if he isnt. However, he makes a great leader when in charge.